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Thread subject: Red-tailed Hawk, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia - a happy ending
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/09/12 07:02 pm My friend near Philadelphia just sent me this article. I had not heard of this incident before but it looks like a cautiously optimistic ending to a potentially sad story, so far:

May 3, 2012, PHILADELPHIA â The male hawk that had gone missing from the nest at the Franklin Institute was confirmed dead on Thursday.

The Franklin Institute received word that the male hawk was hit by a truck near the Schuylkill Expressway and the museum on Saturday morning around 6:30.

Steve Snyder, Vice President of Exhibits and Program Development, said the Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed that it picked up a red-tail hawk in that area Saturday afternoon. Snyder said now the challenge is to make sure the mother and three baby hawks are okay, and that looks promising.

âWe have been offering some occasional supplemental food, a rat or two out on the ledge,â said Snyder. âWe are pleased that just the other day, the mother hopped off the ledge out of camera view and came back with the rat, and the family did consume that offering, so they are accepting some supplemental food.â

Snyder said thatâs important because the babies will be getting bigger and faster in the next few weeks, and soon enough they will be leaving the nest.

UPDATE: May 9, 2012, Philadelphia â

Latest News
âStepdadâ Steps In To Take Care Of Franklin Instituteâs Red-Tailed Hawk Babies
May 9, 2012 5:45 PM

Franklin Instituteâs red-tail hawk
By Robin Culverwell

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) â Bird-watchers keeping tabs on the nest of Red-tailed Hawks at the Franklin Institute have reason to rejoice: The mother hawk has allowed an unattached male to bring food to her babies.

Itâs not unheard of, but itâs certainly rare that a mother would let a stranger near her brood:

âIt is a surprise beyond belief,â says the Franklin Instituteâs president, Dennis Wint, who first noticed the male flying around the red-tailed hawkâs nest on Monday.

The three fledglings are healthy and growing, and the âstep-dadâ is fitting right in after swooping past:

â[He] sits right there with the female then goes into hunting mode, also bringing back food.â

Wint says so far, so good, but this is uncharted territory for hawk watchers. As for the little onesâtheyâre peering over the edge of the nest, indicating it wonât be long before they want out

Peter 05/09/12 07:37 pm Step Dad


Shelley 05/09/12 08:25 pm Thanks, Peter! Great stuff!
Trishrg 05/09/12 09:19 pm Wow, what an amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing!!!
srichmond 05/12/12 11:33 pm How wonderful! I've been watching this nest on and off but have missed the last few days.

Thanks for the update, Peter!
Celeste 05/17/12 05:28 am Amazing story! It's nice to read good news!

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