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Thread subject: Two chicks at Dyfi
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 05/29/12 02:49 am Hatched just ten hours apart. Cam due to start streaming any day now, meantime updates on their facebook page - here
Anne-UK1 05/30/12 08:39 am Can now streaming live - here
Trishrg 05/30/12 08:12 pm Thanks Anne. I could swear I posted thanks already, but poof, it's gone!! I friended the FB page too! :-)
Trishrg 05/30/12 08:15 pm Oh wow, I just realized this cam has EXCELLENT night vision!!! Amazing quality.
Anne-UK1 05/31/12 04:17 am Yes, it's a crystal clear view - well worth waiting for.

I looked in this morning to see the male happily brooding the chicks while Nora took off to collect some nesting material. Quite unusual? - Pic
Anne-UK1 05/31/12 09:08 am Even more unusual, I just looked in and both are incubating side by side. According to Dyfi's twitter page he is keeping an empty egg shell warm :) - Pic
Anne-UK1 05/31/12 01:35 pm Sad news from Dyfi this afternoon :(

1h Dyfi Osprey Project â@DyfiOspreys
Dreadful News - Sorry to report that chick no1 has not survived this bad weather. Concern for the two remaining chicks
Anne-UK1 05/31/12 02:30 pm Facebook update:-

"18.50. Slightly better news hopefully - both chicks two and three have just been food calling and looked relatively strong.

The rain has stopped and the wind is calmer. These little ospreys need food and quickly, if they are fed tonight they will be in a much better position to survive the night.

Monty flew off at 18.45, if ever we've wished him to go fishing, and quickly, it's now"
Trishrg 05/31/12 03:24 pm Just peeked in, she is trying to feed them, but they aren't doing real good getting bites. This is the part where I just can't watch!
Anne-UK1 05/31/12 05:27 pm Just saw the two little ones as Nora was about to settle down on them. They look pretty strong. Seems to be dry there now and there's half a fish on the side of the nest. Fingers crossed for a few days decent weather to get these two up and running.

Seems odd to me that the oldest was the one to die. I wonder if there were just too many adult legs in the egg cup earlier today. When both male and female were lying side by side, Nora was pushing across, trying to move Monty out of the way it seemed. Dyfi are blaming the weather, but maybe it was only partly to blame.

Tough times though. I always remember when I read the warning on the DPOF cam page about this being nature that we were watching - it took me quite a while to realise what they meant.
Anne-UK1 06/01/12 04:45 am Male doing the brooding again this morning. Definitely a modern man! - Pic
Trishrg 06/01/12 08:44 am Just checked in, and they're looking good. I'm still amazed at the quality of this camera.
Celeste 06/01/12 02:45 pm No matter how "seasoned" we can be watching all these cams, I think one cannot help feeling badly when things don't work out well when it comes to having a successful nest. Though I have to admit I have an easier time accepting things when it's truly Nature, vs. "man made" hazards that causes distress in the bird population.
This cam does have amazing quality! Thanks Anne!
Anne-UK1 06/01/12 05:54 pm The latest blog details the events of yesterday and sounds more optimistic today - link

Yes, it's a wonderful cam and I do like watching this pair. There seems to be real affection between them.

I hope mother nature is kinder for the rest of the season. We've had such extremes so far this year.
Pam 06/08/12 06:59 am The weather here in UK has been awful for the past few days, storm force winds and driving rain. the Dyfi nest is taking a pounding and the sitting bird is absolutely soaked this morning.
Anne-UK1 06/08/12 11:55 am Live stream has gone down - power failure due to the bad weather. I just looked on their twitter page it says the chicks haven't been seen or fed for 7 hours. Non stop rain since 3am this morning. They sound worried.

Fingers crossed these two little ones are made of strong stuff and the weather picks up very soon!

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