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Thread subject: Off to harrass the osprey at Jug Bay
Name Date Message
Melanie 06/16/12 11:25 am I got a call from Greg last night - I got a last minute spot on the boat and I'm off on a banding trip. Gorgeous day - a brilliant blue sky, light winds and 80° with low humidity.
Trishrg 06/16/12 11:26 am LIKE!!!
Can't wait for your pictures!
Have a fantastic day!!
Anne-UK1 06/16/12 04:40 pm Fantastic. Hope you have a great time!
Pamela 06/16/12 06:43 pm Wonderful, wonderful. . .I'm sitting here anxiously waiting for all the pictures and the tale of the day!!!
Lori 06/16/12 09:25 pm Sooooooo??????? How'd it go??????
Melanie 06/16/12 10:53 pm Pics Here

PERFECT day. I could not have ordered it better, weather-wise. We went out on the pontoon boat, which limited us to where we could reach but afforded us more room to move around. Left at 1:30 and returned to the dock at 4:30. Good thing we had the 2nd tank of gas because we used up every bit of the first tank.

He had a bunch of photographers on this trip so it wasn't so much a banding trip as a continual photo-op. I wonder what the chicks thought of being surrounded by 5 2' long telephoto lenses at any given time? We visited several nests, did some show and tell, we did band one nest and we visited a wood duck box. Mom was real broody and wouldn't leave the nest even when we pulled up and lifted the lid. She got thrown into the show and tell.

There was a fair amount of routine stuff like the male who likes to "escort Greg off the premises” was back and doing what he does best – escorting us out of his little neck of the woods. Greg has worked Rob Bierregaard into his spiel. There are two cam nests – one that is right at the dock and the other that is the original cam nest. The dock nest has two very big chicks that will probably fledge next week. He said that nest lost two to the Great Horned Owl so he actually hacked one from a 4-chick nest. The original cam nest has three chicks that still behave badly sometimes but are growing by leaps and bounds.

Some things of note: there are some shots of two chicks of very different sizes. That nest got wiped out and Mom managed to squeeze out a second clutch. There are actually three chicks in that nest. The littlest one hatched yesterday (there were still pieces of shell) and the larger one was a week old. Their disparate sizes really illustrate how quickly they grow. Needless to say that nest is WAY behind schedule and will not fledge until very late in the summer.

The little white bird on top of the red channel marker is a Least Tern which is not commonly seen in Jug Bay.

The shot of the house is Mt. Calvert which dates back to 1648. Remember we are in the throes of 1812 Mania here in MD (even though our involvement did not play out until 1814). The British sailed up the Patuxent in August 1814 and offloaded several thousand troops in Benedict, about 20 miles south of Jug Bay. While the troops marched in hot woolen uniforms, the British fleet “shadowed” them all the way into Jug Bay where they then marched west to Washington and a dinner date at the White House. They used Mt. Calvert as an HQ of sorts, raiding the neighboring farms and “requisitioning” livestock, tobacco and anything that wasn’t nailed down.

Last year when the earthquake hit, Greg was out on the water just at Mt. Calvert. He described hearing the noise, then seeing lots of gas bubbles coming up from the water, fish started jumping all around and then finally all the phragmites started violently swaying and shivering. Finally the two chimneys at the end of the house literally fell away from the building. What you see is ironwork to reconstruct them. The problem is, the house sustained so much structural damage that no one is allowed inside. They are hoping to have it re-opened in another year.

So that’s all the news that I’ve got.
vickinish 06/17/12 01:08 am Great pictures and story too. Thanks.
Trishrg 06/17/12 10:05 am Woo hoo! You got some amazing shots! I love the comparison of the 2 little chicks. The one is so tiny!!!
Love your story too, and so glad that Mrs Wood Duck was so cooperative for the tour. I love their eyes!
Sad about the quake damage to the house.
Hopefully the restoration will be a complete success! And what an experience for Geg to have been out on the water when it happened! What a trip!
Kathy 06/17/12 10:27 am Great shots! My favorite is the comparison between the two chicks. Enjoyed reading about some of the history and I wonder what Greg was thinking when he felt the earthquake hit.
I'd say you had a perfect day!
Celeste 06/17/12 04:39 pm Beautiful shots Mel! Smiled to myself looking at each one, Brought back nice memories! Can't believe that osprey is still escorting Greg out of his territory!

Glad you had a perfect day!
Anne-UK1 06/17/12 05:43 pm Sounds like a great day. As ever, I'm extremely envious.

Interesting about the second brood. Rothiemurchus, a youngster that Roy Dennis satellite tagged, was also from a late brood. The regular male didn't return that year and the female didn't pair up with a new male until May. Rothie is currently on his second summer back in the UK, so being born late didn't hinder him too much. Hopefully that will be the case for this brood too. A great comparison pic between the two - we know they grow quickly but that really does illustrate it well.

As for Greg being in a boat when the earthquake struck - sooner him than me! Not something you'd want to experience too often I'd imagine.
cathleen 06/19/12 08:40 am Thanks for a wonderful account and pics of your perfect day! Great shots of the birds on the "tour." Also, interesting info on the house and 1812.

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