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Thread subject: DYFI doing well!
Name Date Message
Shelley 06/16/12 03:20 pm I just tuned in now for a peek and happened to see dad arrive with a fish! Both parents are busy, mom feeding the chick, who seems to be growing and thriving, dad tidying up the nest.

So great to see!

Edited to ask a question. The mother has 2 leg tags, the one on her right leg says very clearly *03*. The one on her left leg doesn't seem to have anything written on it that I could see and in fact, looks to me to be a bit of a tight fit. Though she doesn't seem bothered by it. The dad, though, has no leg tags at all. Is this deliberate?
vickinish 06/16/12 04:33 pm The explanation why the male is unbanded is here. It is supposition but sounds reasonable.

Had to do this to practice my HTML Link technique. It worked!
Anne-UK1 06/16/12 04:36 pm Hi Shelley. It's the norm here for the birds to have a ring on each leg. Two different types for reasons explained by Roy Dennis - here

The male at Dyfi has no rings so can't be positively identified, but they seem pretty sure they know where and when he hatched - bio here

What a contrast to last weekend on this nest. And a nice comedy sketch from Monty and Nora on the facebook page tonight. Watching it brought back memories of the DPOF nest :) Video entitled "The one that got away - almost" - is here
Anne-UK1 06/16/12 04:37 pm Great minds Vicki :)
Shelley 06/16/12 06:37 pm Thanks for all the links, you two. I will read them shortly. I am fairly new to that nestcam so I haven't had any background info other than what I read here.

I am not a member of Facebook so all I see with that last link is comments. I have no desire to join so unless it appears elsewhere, I will take your word for it that it was amusing...;-)
Shelley 06/16/12 06:49 pm I just looked at the screen captures I took and I can't identify the ring on Nora's left leg, the one that I thought looked tight to me. It doesn't appear to have a colour.

Has there been any discussion on their boards about if and when this chick will be banded?
vickinish 06/17/12 01:03 am The mom was banded at age five weeks so I expect it will be the same. Little one is two weeks now I think.

I can't find that video anywhere other than via the Facebook link. It was the two parents trying to get a fish that had dropped between some of the many sticks at the edge of the nest. You could see them looking at each other with imagined expressions of "well I can't get it, you try" and "you dropped it in there, you get it out". Dad finally got it out and then they did a tug of war until mom sucessfully took possession.
Anne-UK1 06/17/12 02:56 am I'm not a member of facebook either, but the video works when I click the play arrow. Strange. Maybe it only works in the UK?

I don't know about the ring being tight. No-one's mentioned it as far as I know, but I don't read the comments so could have missed it. The ring on the left leg has the BTO id number on it, but probably can only be read if you've got it in your hand. I assumed it was the same the world over, but maybe we do it differently here?
Anne-UK1 06/17/12 02:58 am Just a thought - sometimes that page is slow loading and all I see is a list of comments at first too. Maybe if you wait a minute or two the video will show up Shelley.

Edit - I've downloaded it to my youtube channel, should work okay I think - Here
Shelley 06/17/12 07:08 am That worked, thanks, Anne. That was funny!
Pam 06/17/12 07:37 am Thanks Anne. Great bit of filming, very amusing.
martyc35 06/17/12 03:36 pm I love how she seemed to be "pointing" down to the fish, while he took some time to see the problem and then figured out what to do. Some say they don't think, but I still believe they do. Problems like that are unique; it's not as if they used instinct to solve them.
Celeste 06/17/12 04:42 pm Made me smile!
Anne-UK1 06/17/12 05:33 pm I don't know if it's just the wonderfully clear cam, but these two really do come across as characters. I hope they occupy this nest for many years to come!

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