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Thread subject: Loch Garten and sibling rivalry
Name Date Message
Trishrg 06/17/12 09:58 am Looks like the 3rd chick has died. The good news is the other 2 are thriving nicely.


Shelley 06/17/12 12:43 pm Feeding going on right now! Love those *feed me!* chirps
Anne-UK1 06/17/12 01:22 pm I've not followed LG closely this year - just looked in for a couple of minutes now and again to check all was well. And all did seem well, but reading the forum over there it's been a strange chain of events, with C2 attacking the little one quite violently for some time (days, maybe weeks?) and C1 apparently trying to protect the youngest but then also turning on it this morning after initially stopping C2's attack.

Tiger comments over there and says he's never seen an attack by one chick on another like the one that happened this morning (C2 on C3). Not a fight over fish, just unprovoked aggression which seems to have been the end for C3. And someone else posts that C2 completed C3's demise by sitting on it until it expired.

Strange to say the least.

Celeste 06/17/12 04:45 pm Was hoping that the chick would make it, but as we know, the realities of watching a nest.
Anne-UK1 06/17/12 05:31 pm I've just been reading a bit more. All was apparently fine at LG last weekend, when at Dyfi things were looking so desperate. Amazing how quickly things turn around, for worse and for better.
vickinish 06/18/12 12:24 am I hadn't been following this nest, guess I am glad I wasn't. But now that I look I see they are gigantic. These are old chicks and it does seem odd that they would turn on their sibling at this late date. Seems like this type of agression usually occurs earlier, in the first couple of weeks.

Sure makes you wonder how many nests this type of thing occurs in as well as the chicks lost to bad weather. We only observe such a small sample of them.

Anne-UK1 06/18/12 03:47 am I found the daily summary section on their forum. Reading it back, everything was perfectly normal until this last week, with most fights being pretty unremarkable and generally between chicks 1 and 2.

Then this week Odin has been bringing in less and smaller fish, so I guess food was at the root of the problem. I also noticed an interesting comment that one morning at the start of the troubles one chick sounded as if it was wheezing. No indication which one, so may or may not have been the youngest and may or may not have been significant anyway.

Things certainly went downhill rapidly from Tuesday. Then on Friday EJ went fishing and C3 had a good day, getting plenty to eat. Hopes were raised that the situation was on the up. But then the weather took a turn for the worse again, meaning EJ stayed on the nest keeping the youngsters warm. So food supplies were again limited and that seems to have been that unfortunately.

But two strong chicks should fledge from this nest in a few weeks. Probably a better result than many will manage in this year of terrible weather conditions.

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