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Thread subject: Dennis Puleston nest
Name Date Message
Nancy L 06/18/12 03:05 pm I had the opportunity to go up in the tower of the barn to check the nest today. Even with binoculars, I could only see one osprey. Probably the chicks were napping. The thing that surprised me was the amount of GRASS in the nest. I'd never seen that much grass there before. Anyway, OUR nest lives on.
Pam 06/18/12 05:10 pm Good to hear about the nest Nancy. I still miss looking in on it.
Anne-UK1 06/18/12 05:37 pm Thanks Nancy. Good to know some of you can still see 'our' nest. I'd love to know who's in residence these days and watch the antics of those chicks again.

Not sure about so much grass. Weather related or something else I wonder. No doubt the chicks will sort it out with a few weeks of trampling :)
cathleen 06/19/12 08:42 am I am nostalgic for our days at DPOF and thankful we can check back here still. Thank you for the eyewitness report of the nest.
On another note, does anyone know if the OBS DATABASE still exists anywhere?
Celeste 06/19/12 10:27 am Oh thank you Nancy! Hope you said "hi" for us:-))))))
Sweet memories of "our" gatherings!
Kathy 06/19/12 11:19 am Thank you I MISS "Our Ospreys."
Nancy L 06/19/12 03:51 pm There are highlighted clips & still photos of each year - even archived message boards for each year. All at the home site:
cathleen 06/19/12 05:27 pm But I do not the the OBS database is available on line via this site any more. :(
Anne-UK1 06/19/12 05:43 pm I clicked on the link on the menu but just got this message:-

Nest select failed on select name,email,to_char(date,'Dy Mon FMDD FMHH:MI am') as dt,observation,chicks,tenant from observations where nestid='8' and display=1 and date like '2009%' order by date desc limit 20

I wonder if the database is still there, with just an error on the link somewhere. It seems strange it would be gone.
Trishrg 06/19/12 09:46 pm I think the link is just broken.
If you go snoopin around.... there's still a treasure trove of info in their database. You can click on and open any of these links. The .php extensions open up web pages. I think it's still all there, though I didn't find the obs. specifically.
cathleen 06/20/12 05:44 pm Thanks Trish - that was a good thought. No, I think the Observation Database is gone now. It is not just a broken link. Everything else seems to be there except for the database.

That database was a trove of information - I hope it has been archived somewhere. I tried to remember if someone had mentioned archiving it for posterity, and possibly indexing it, but I cannot remember now as my mind is addled from age....
Melanie 06/20/12 11:10 pm The link to the Obs Database is just broken. I know this because I was on it a few weeks ago and silly me didn't bookmark it. I got there trying to find something about Milford's Blue Teddy and then was able to cruise around it all by manipulating the URL. I'll see if I have time tomorrow to figure it out and I'll post it.
cathleen 06/20/12 11:46 pm Thank, Mel! That would be great! It is good to know you have been on it recently.
Melanie 06/21/12 10:17 am I have poked around in the Google hoping to make lightening strike twice with no success. I have dropped Tom an email asking him if he could possibly fix the link to the database which of course would be the easiest thing.

In the event that does not happen, one night a few years back when I was having "one of those nights" I damn near went blind at the computer and harvested each database into Word and then put it into Excel with fields by Poster, Day, Date, Time and Observation. It's on my computer (somewhere) at home. If anyone is interested in having copies of this, drop me an email at my public address of ( is no longer running) and I will email them to you.
TomT 06/21/12 10:27 pm Sorry everyone. It appears that an update of the database software had a more strict enforcement of the query syntax and the query operation was crashing. I believe that the syntax has been fixed and the observation database can be searched again. I also made the "OBSERVATION DATABASE" link in the left menu go to the full search page. Let me know if anyone still has problems or if I missed something else.
Trishrg 06/22/12 09:23 pm Everything seems to be great now. We so appreciate your time and effort keeping this place going for us.
Thank you so much for all you do!!

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