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Thread subject: Hog Island osprey cam
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/24/12 03:43 pm Thank you Trish again re this cam!
Today I am looking in and the female is shading her 4 chicks while they are resting and the camera suddenly lowered itself to focus on the chicks under her wings. A view that is new to me. One chick is peeking very low to the ground at its other sibling, and you can see every breath of these chicks, and can even see if their eyes are open or not. Sometimes the female's wing will drop even more to offer more shade. All the years of watching the DPOF cam, which was at the time new technology and as most of you know, we saw such extraordinary things up close and personal in that nest Things not seen by the "experts"! Today, cams with the ever changing technology,are giving us more and more oppotrtunities to learn and see things we would ponder about on this message board. Which brings to mind that this Message Board, (thanks to Tom and the others from DPOF through the years) has been active for 9 years! That is extraordinary in itself! Through this board we have experienced and learned so much and continue to do so!
I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic these days looking in at all these cams! :-)
Trishrg 06/24/12 05:24 pm This cam quality is really amazing.
I see close up that all the chicks look to have empty crops.
It is hot, and they are irritable. Saw some aggression. Not sure I want to see it quite that close and personal.
Trishrg 06/24/12 06:57 pm Looking in again and 2 of the chicks look to have pretty full crops. Haven't seen the third chicks crop, but it seems fine. Just chilling.
I didn't notice there are some obs below on the page. Not a lot of obs, but they are being fed.
Mickey 06/29/12 06:22 pm 4 chicks? I only see 3.
vickinish 06/30/12 10:21 am Mickey, I think that was an error. I do believe there have always been only three chicks.

Terrific clear camera. See also the puffins at the same Audubon site.
Shelley 06/30/12 01:18 pm Is there a way to get sound on this cam? Does anyone know?

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