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Thread subject: decorah juvie, D12, electrocuted
Name Date Message
terryo 07/06/12 04:03 pm The best intentions.....

story here
Shelley 07/06/12 08:42 pm Oh, this is so sad! I have followed this nest this year since the eggs were laid, checking almost daily. They just closed down the cam this week, I think. How sad. :-(
Trishrg 07/06/12 08:42 pm Sad about the eagle. A lot of folks were saying that story was wrong, so I looked around and found this info. Apparently the bird was electrocuted and THEN they worked on the poles to cause any further damage.

I should add that was from The Raptor Resource Project's FB page.
We are very sorry to announce that D12 is dead. D12 was found electrocuted at the base of a power pole on a Sunday morning. We notified the power company, who modified the top of that pole on Sunday and several other poles in the area on Monday. As of this morning, they are continuing to identify and modify poles to make them raptor safe. If you find an electrocuted raptor or other bird by a pole, take it to the nearest wildlife center (if it is still alive) and contact your state DNR or local game warden and the utility company that owns the pole. You will need to:

1. Provide information about the dead or injured bird.

2. Identify the nearest pole to the electrocuted raptor by the pole identification number (on the pole itself) and local landmarks such as cross streets or street addresses (if applicable).

Include as many specifics as you can regarding the species and the incident. If possible, take photographs of the raptor and the pole to submit with your reports and notes.

Power lines themselves are not an electrocution hazard for birds (birds can and do sit on wires), but unshielded poles can be dangerous. The Avian Protection Plan Guidelines include information on raptor safe poles and modification of existing poles. New structures are fairly safe, but older poles may not be. Older poles may have been installed either before people were aware of electrocution hazards to wildlife, or during the decline of raptor populations in America, when interaction was less likely. Here is a link to more information about birds and utility structures, including poles:

Again, we are very sorry to announce the death of D12. This pole and others like it in the area have been modified to prevent future electrocutions.
Shelley 07/06/12 08:48 pm I wonder how they knew which bird it was. I didn't think these eagles were banded. And thanks for that info, Trish. I am not on facebook and don't generally go to their forums; I only ever link to the cam itself, when it is on.
Trishrg 07/07/12 09:19 am Hi Shelley- I can't find any info on banding, except 2011, but if the bird was D12, it had to be banded.
I didn't follow this nest this year, but am an avid Facebook junkie ;-o
Anne-UK1 07/07/12 09:30 am There's a comment from Vicky Davis on one facebook page that says D12 was the first hatched, and D14 was satellite tagged. You should be able to read it Shelley, I can and I'm not a member either. Lots of info. Link here - Decorah Eagles

So sad they lost one :(
Shelley 07/07/12 04:40 pm Thanks, Anne

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