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Thread subject: Film about Central Park birders
Name Date Message
Pam 07/16/12 04:58 pm For those in US, a film on TV this evening at 9pm !! Wish I could watch it !!

HBO film about Central Park birds and birders
Pam 07/16/12 05:02 pm The above link is a blog about the programme which airs this evening 9pm on HBO according to BirdWatching magazine.
Trishrg 07/16/12 08:56 pm Wish I could watch it too.
I don't subscribe to HBO in my cable package, so I'll have to catch a rerun someday!
Celeste 07/17/12 11:25 am Central Park Effect was truly wonderful. I was aware that Central Park was a busy place in the Spring, but it was amazing to see actual footage. The documentary started with Spring, and the active time was from early April through May 15th. It then moved on to Summer, Fall and Winter,(including the Christmas Bird count) and ended with Spring. I had forgotten that the lake, brooks, and streams were man made, and that the nights are filled with migratory birds who through a mass of high buildings see this wonder piece of land where they take refuge for several days before moving on.
Birdwatchers from all over visit Central Park in the Spring, and then of course are the daily birdwatchers who visit Central Park throughout the year. One birder in particular works in a machine shop where he makes musical instruments, but he also makes bird feeders out of plastic containers, a coconut shell to hang in different areas of Central Park in the Winter. Nice touch for birders who live in the big City, to see birds through the winter also. Well done documentary.

If you do get HBO and missed it last night it can be watched again on HBO on the Go.
Do hope it will be shown at some point abroad.
Thanks Pam for the reminder, I had a note to myself and "forgot"!
Pam 07/17/12 04:36 pm Sounds so interesting Celeste. Maybe I'll see it on Sky TV some time eventually. What does HBO stand for by the way?
Celeste 07/17/12 05:38 pm Home Box Office. When the documentary was over and the credits and names are shown, under "starring" they list all the birds that were shown in the documentary, which I thought was nice.

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