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Thread subject: Maine Chick stuck in fishing line
Name Date Message
Trishrg 07/19/12 08:38 am CAM

Chick has a fishing weight and line wrapped around its head and beak. They were zooming in on it. Hopefully they will intervene.

I grabbed a sequence of screen shots.

Melanie 07/19/12 09:39 am They've got a closeup of all three chicks - they are all preening. The worst thing I am seeing is a blizzard of down. Perhaps it has come dislodged. Fingers crossed
zorro89 07/19/12 10:59 am That happened at the Hellgate site last week, the male brought a fish into the nest with fishing line/hook still attached. Two monitors near the nest got out the bucket truck and removed it, happy to see their help.
Celeste 07/19/12 12:07 pm I just looked in, and the 3 chicks are facing the water sitting. It's hard to tell if the line is still a problem.
Celeste 07/19/12 12:37 pm The 3 chicks are more upright now. One of the chicks is flapping it's wings, second and 3rd chick are actively preening. Hopefully all is well.
Melanie 07/19/12 03:54 pm It's funny to see what a chick ball they have bade - all I can think of is G&S - Three Little Maids (or chicks) from school are we....
Melanie 07/19/12 04:12 pm Nice little fish fight between Mom and one of the chicks.
Shelley 07/19/12 04:48 pm I just had a peek and see the mom and 3 chicks. Their backs are to me but I can't see any in distress and they seem ok. Was there an intervention or was the bird able to dislodge the problem on its own?
Anne-UK1 07/19/12 06:05 pm Difficult to see if there's still a problem and I can't find any information anywhere. I hope the line's gone, either by itself or by human hand.

This has been such a bad year - two youngsters rescued from undergrowth at one Rutland nest, another missing for a day before returning covered in mud. Plus the lone chick at LotL being feared lost after fledging (possibly accidentally) on Monday morning and not seen again since, but thankfully the satellite tag is indicating he's alive and well, just hiding himself away. One or two dramas at LG as well with both chicks absenting themselves for long periods soon after fledging.

And all this before they have to set off on the long trek south. They don't have it easy, that's for sure.
Trishrg 07/19/12 09:17 pm Oh, so good to read nobody saw anything. The bird was trying hard to dislodge the line this morning. I was just hoping it didn't have a hook stuck somewhere!

Yes Anne, it has been scary in many nests!

There is such insane weather going on here in the states now, I know it has to have a bad effect on the wildlife. The Mississippi river is down 18 feet below normal. 2 years ago they had a 100 year flood. Things are getting funky!
Melanie 07/20/12 08:17 am There's no feed this morning.
Trishrg 07/20/12 08:33 am I checked their daily RSS feed, and it has zero info on anything really! So that's good news.
Lyn 07/20/12 07:21 pm This is another outstanding cam, whci Jim and I just discovered about a week ago throught the newspaper.

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