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Thread subject: Estonian Ospreys
Name Date Message
Lyn 07/19/12 02:13 pm Just happened to view the chicks in this great nest, and happened to see a man up on the nest. At first I sort of panicked, and wondered at what he was doing up there, till I realised he was probably banding the chick or chicks. I saw what appeared to be a band and a numbered tag for one of the chicks.
This will be a first for me seeing an Osprey chick being banded! The parents still haven't returned to the nest in about a half hour since the man left the nest.
Anne-UK1 07/19/12 06:10 pm I just looked in, but of course it's night time there now and pitch black! Hopefully the adults returned soon after.
Lyn 07/19/12 06:30 pm I've been watching this cam every day and am amazed at what great parent these chicks have. That's why I was a bit worried when the adults didn't return for so long. I can't wait for tomarrow to check the situation out.
The first thing Jim asks me each day is how are the Ospreys doing today. :-)
Shelley 07/19/12 07:07 pm Lyn, can you post the link to that nest?
Lyn 07/19/12 11:48 pm I got the link from going on Ospreys on Delphi. I went to the first post and clicked on the address there, and saved it to my favorites since then. I was going to try copy and paste it to here but it won't let me. Kelly or Daisy both would be able to give you the link I'm sure.
Lyn 07/19/12 11:59 pm To add to Shelley. I went into the Estonian cam site in dephi, and went to Kellys first post and she had the site right in her post, so I clicked on and haven't looked back as they say, Whatched the site from egg to egg to egg and now three beautiful chicks. Hope this helps.
vickinish 07/20/12 01:23 am The site is here. Click on osprey cam 1.

It's morning now and the three chicks are snoozing alone. Per the last page of the forum, parents have been there. Some nice screen shots are posted there.
Shelley 07/20/12 08:28 am Thanks, all of you. Are they ever cute! And the picture is so clear!
Trishrg 07/20/12 08:35 am What a great cam!!!!!

Shelley 07/20/12 08:50 am A feeding is now going on. I see that the chicks are tagged on both legs (at least, the legs of 2 of the chicks. I haven't yet been able to see the legs of the third; he is being blocked from my view). But I don't see tags on the mom. Also, the text part of the main site link has some mess on it of print over top of print so it's a bit difficult to read anything there. But still, it's a great cam, thanks!
Lyn 07/20/12 10:55 am It's such a great cam, and reminds me of the DPOF in many ways so I've been on it since before the eggs, and have had the fun of watching for a while. What's really amazing is there's been no sibling rivalry, and even the "runt" of the three has been fed very regularly.
vickinish 07/20/12 11:15 am Correct, only one of the adults is banded. Great views of the osprey and some other interesting nests and notes.
Lyn 07/20/12 03:32 pm Do we know which of the adults, mom or dad is the banded one?
Lyn 07/20/12 06:50 pm Found another live Osprey cam with sound and good video. It's at
Lyn 07/20/12 06:54 pm The site I just gave the address for is in Bremen , Maine.
vickinish 07/20/12 07:05 pm In Estonia, the male is ringed on the right leg.
Lyn 07/20/12 07:17 pm Thanks much Vickinish!
Lyn 07/20/12 07:20 pm Seems I've once again come late to the party so to speak!? I really do have to try to keep up to date on things better. The site I just mentioned you've all been watching already. :-0 Don't know how to do a blush.

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