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Thread subject: Estonian osprey nest
Name Date Message
Shelley 08/08/12 10:47 am I checked in this morning for the first time in well over a week, to find only one chick on the nest. It sounds stormy and it sure looks windy, though I couldn't detect rain. I am assuming the other 2 have fledged and maybe this one too though he was hunkering down as I tuned in. Has anyone else been watching that one?

Hellgate momma is on her nest with all 3 chicks still there.
Craig 08/08/12 12:27 pm The forum says the other two have fledged. I don't believe the last one has fledged yet. It's currently being fed by one of the parents.
vickinish 08/08/12 07:16 pm Yep, fledging is happening. Beautiful nest, I have followed since arrival of the adults. I get dawn and dusk in my time zone.

Also check the forum on the LS Eagle Nest 2 for the story of the eaglet killed by the goshawk. The forum members are of course devastated. The eaglet was called Stephi. Naming them makes it so personal. Perhaps the number system used in Wales is a better idea.

This page tells the story.
Anne-UK1 08/10/12 09:29 am So sad about the eagle chick. Nature again, of course. It has its own way of keeping a balance. I haven't looked at the forum - I can guess how devastated they all are and I doubt it makes good reading :(

Thanks for the links.
Lynda 08/10/12 01:42 pm The eaglets ringed S8 and S9 have fledged. S7 hasn't yet. S/he has been fluttering wings for the first time this evening though.
Parents still drop fish but no longer feed the babes. S8 and S9 have both caught their own fish, too.
Lynda 08/10/12 01:45 pm I read that the parents are called Madis (Dad) and Piret (Mum) and the eaglets Elo, Uno and Noir. Anyone know which name relates to which eaglet?
vickinish 08/10/12 01:51 pm Lynda, I think you are referring to the osprey?

I believe Uno fledged first but I haven't tried to keep them straight via their names. Check the forum, those folks seem to know them all intimately.
Lynda 08/11/12 04:44 am Yes, the osprey. Thanks v much, didn't know about the forum. I now know:
S7 Nori
S8 Uno
S9 Elo
Uno fledged Sunday 5 Aug, Elo Mon 6 Aug.
Lynda 08/13/12 04:15 am Nori (S7) has just fledged. Mon 13 Aug 11.14am

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