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Thread subject: OSPREY FILM
Name Date Message
Cecilia 08/16/12 11:25 am Hi to's been a long time since I've checked in but Celeste keeps me up to date. Hope everyone is well and getting a chance to see Ospreys on the new cams and out in the field.

David Gessner (remember him?) sent an email today that doesn't look like it came to this group and I don't see it here on the first page so I'm going to pass it on to you.

He was trying to finance his next book by using an organization called Kickstarter (they help people try to raise money for all kinds of projects). I don't know how his efforts ended up but this project looks interesting and may be worth a small donation to get it finished. The photographer has already raised $40,000. towards his $45,000. goal so he VERY close!

Here's the link to his trailer, which is gorgeous. It also has more information about the Osprey film that he is trying to produce. He looks like a very talented photographer:

I'm up in the Adirondacks for August and really enjoying the Loons which seem to be coming back in big numbers. But there are Eagles and Ospreys and GHO's too so it's a feast of big birds! The Osprey nests are all natural and they are precarious looking mishmashes of twigs at the top of dead trees. People up here don't seem to pay much attention to them or know much about them...they are far more interested in the Loons and Eagles.

Wishing Betty and Dennis were still under our watchful eyes!

All the best, Cec
cathy 08/16/12 05:55 pm Hi Cec and all - I noticed this too and actually its funding for a documentary film by someone David Gessner knows: Jacob Steinberg. It looks like a stellar project. BTW - I've been watching ospreys over Puget Sound and so grateful to see them.
Nancy L 08/17/12 02:30 pm Hi Cec - good to hear from you. I only made it up to the Adirondacks once so far this year. Very busy here on the Island. I'm hoping we can get up there in Oct. - early Nov. I'm not enjoying my Adirondack withdrawal.
Trishrg 08/17/12 03:09 pm So happy to check in and see they reached the funding goal~!! Can't wait for the film!
cathleen 08/19/12 01:38 pm Hi everyone - I check in occasionally but don't have much to say that someone has not already said! I did see this Kickstarter site - I am really psyched to get a chance to see it. I am glad he reached his goal - I would have thrown some cash his way, too!!

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