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Thread subject: RE: Empire State Building shooter
Name Date Message
Nancy L 08/26/12 01:55 pm Those of you who have checked in on the Pale Male site might be interested in Lincoln's article about Jeff Johnson.
Kathy 08/26/12 03:38 pm Nancy I read one of the articles (don't remember which paper) where they mentioned he was an avid bird watcher. I wonder if he is in that HBO documentary...Central Part Effect, which aired in July?
From what Lincoln wrote, it sounds like Jeff Johnson was a ticking bomb and any number of people could have been his victims.
Celeste 08/26/12 04:43 pm Hmm, funny you should say that Kathy. My husband who watched Central Park Effect with me, seems to remember that he was in it. He was wearing a business suit and said he had to get to work. We meant to check it today, but so far haven't had a chance to look at it again, (HBO on the Go app).
Shelley 08/26/12 05:00 pm Yikes! Celeste, was he actually named in that film? Was he formally interviewed? Sounds like he was just a stalker in search of a victim. To think it could have been Lincoln...
Celeste 08/26/12 06:51 pm No he is not named or interviewed. I don't remember a man in a suit, I was busy trying to remember what each bird was,:-) I just went through the documentary as best I could without watching every minute of it, and the the only thing I could find was a man in a suit with binos looking up. From what I read in the paper, he had an apt. near Central Park and always watched birds in a suit.
Mickey 08/26/12 07:14 pm *sigh* there was nothing random about this.It was a execution.Not my word. But the construction worker who followed the gunman and pointed him out to the cops. The victim was a ex co-worker. The victim most likely,and I'm guessing here, prolly had something to do with the gunman losing his job. Lincoln has a better chance at being shot by one of the people in the building where P.M. lives :)
martyc35 08/26/12 07:32 pm Yeah, sounds like Lincoln let the story get a little close to him, although if it had been me, I don't know what my reaction might have been. Thankfully, he never had to find out. I agree that nothing in the stories indicated a random shooting.
Mickey 08/27/12 05:12 pm Mel sent me this link. It appears someone didnt check their ego at the park gate?

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