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Thread subject: Last one out shut off the lights
Name Date Message
Melanie 09/04/12 03:12 pm Last weekend I had osprey. This weekend I've got nuthin.
Lori 09/04/12 07:02 pm There was a lone osprey up in the boundary waters this past Friday. Surprised & pleased the hell outa me with his visit :)
Shelley 09/04/12 09:17 pm There is at least one chick still on the nest at Hellgate, Montana (fledged of course but still hanging out) as of tonight. Haven't seen the other 2 or the parents for awhile
Nancy L 09/05/12 05:21 pm All's quiet around the Oakdale/Great River area.
Shelley 09/05/12 08:30 pm It's 8:30 EST (I can't remember if it is one or two hours earlier in Montana) and there are 2 osprey chicks on the nest on Hellgate, squawking for food. Well, actually, one is squawking, the other is eating and clearly enjoying himself
Trishrg 09/05/12 11:52 pm Loved your blog from the feeder Melanie!!! :-)
I hope you can get a shot of the punkrock Blue Jay!!

I was out birding on Monday, chasing some Belted Kingfishers, and I heard the "chirp" so I went off my hunt for the elusive Kingfishers, and went for the Osprey instead. I only managed a couple of shots before it bailed out on me.
Melanie 09/06/12 10:57 am Thanks Trish - I'm having a lot of fun writing it.

I was talking with my Banding Buddy yesterday afternoon - he has quite a few juvies left, but then again he had a lot of late (or second clutch) nests and figures that's who's still hanging around. He banded approximately 150 chicks on the 20 miles of river that he is responsible for; 60 of them were in the actually Jug Bay area which covers around maybe a 4 mile stretch. Of those 60 chicks, he figures maybe 45 fledged. When we had that big destructive storm go through at the end of June, he lost three platforms and he figures roughly 10 chicks were blown off their platforms and subsequently drowned. The rest fell victim to the Great Horned Owl.

He did say that most of the on-time chicks left by late August which is a little earlier than usual, but of his late chicks, he still has one adult male who is hanging around, still bringing fish to a begging late juvie.
Celeste 09/07/12 04:15 am Loved the Blog also Melanie!

Though I look forward to "losing" the humidity, it still is a bittersweet time of year! It's the time of the year when I think of the skies while we are very busy!
Pam 09/07/12 06:55 am Loved your picture Trish and please....where can I find Melanie's blog?
Trishrg 09/07/12 08:27 am Here's the link Pam.

I'm subscribed, so I get all new releases in my in box!!!
Pam 09/07/12 05:41 pm Thanks Trish
Shelley 09/08/12 09:24 am Two chicks on Hellgate's nest right now, one squawking.
Anne-UK1 09/09/12 05:59 pm Where has the year gone! I think just about all the UK ospreys are on their way now too. Young Blue 44 left LotL yesterday - the last of our webcam youngsters for this year.

I'm looking forward now to filling my spare time with reading Melanie's blog, along with Marty's Dawn Chorus pages over the next few months.

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