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Thread subject: Dyfi's Ceulan in the papers today :)
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 09/09/12 05:34 pm Nice coverage and pics of young Ceulan's life story to date from one of our news groups. Fly safe young man - Link
martyc35 09/09/12 05:38 pm What a great story, and thanks for sharing it. I will repost to the Dawn Chorus folks.
Anne-UK1 09/09/12 05:56 pm Glad you liked it Marty, and even better that you can share it with others. It's a real "aahh" story for me - I hope Ceulan lives long and happy.

I'm saving all your Dawn Chorus links for my winter reading. Something to keep me occupied while I wait for March to come around again :)
Shelley 09/09/12 07:25 pm So exciting! Thanks for the link, Anne
Tiger 09/10/12 01:05 am Ceulan is a superstar. He was in The People too. See The Story of Ceulan

If you zoom in with your browser you can read the story of the heroic rescue of Ceulan on Saturday 9th June.

Is Ceulan now more of a superstar than Flag? Oh a difficult one.

Later today we get to find out where Ceulan is and if he has crossed safely to Africa.
Anne-UK1 09/10/12 10:59 am He's doing well! Latest from Dyfi :) - Blog
Tiger 09/10/12 11:20 am Indeed he is. He is catching up where his brother Einion was.
Trishrg 09/10/12 01:33 pm Wow, the latest says he was in exactly the same place to the minute that Einion was a year ago.
That is beyond amazing!!
Anne-UK1 09/10/12 05:17 pm It is indeed Trish. Wow! was my exact sentiment too when I read that.

I love the end line on the full blog they've put up this evening - it may not work so well your side of the pond as I don't know if you get the same ads/commercials as we do, but over here it's absolutely spot on -"If Carlsberg did ospreys, they'd make Ceulan."
Tiger 09/10/12 05:36 pm Ceulan is now becoming a world star.
Shelley 09/10/12 08:44 pm Amazing!! That is positively eerie, the coincidence with the timing of Ceulan and Einion (how do you pronounce that?!). The mysteries of migration are astounding and unfathomable!
Celeste 09/11/12 05:54 am So nice to read such good news! May he fly safe Always!
Tiger 09/12/12 03:24 am Latest positions for Ceulan are in. He is doing very well. See Ceulan on Facebook
Anne-UK1 09/12/12 06:16 pm This is one impressive young bird. It looks like he's pushing hard to take Alba's record away from her! I'm not sure how much further south she is than Ceulan, but he's got to be hard on her heels I think and with a day or two in hand?

Shelley 09/12/12 07:04 pm I think Ceulan is destined for greatness!
Anne-UK1 09/13/12 03:08 am I hope so Shelley.
Tiger 09/14/12 05:39 am Ceulan flies on.
Tiger 09/17/12 05:29 am Ceulan has made it to Senegal. See Ceulan on Facebook
Anne-UK1 09/17/12 09:23 am Great stuff! It certainly justifies the intervention when he was so tiny and on the brink. Fascinating that he's so close to his previous year's siblings too.

Has he beaten Alba's record? I think he must have done.

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