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Thread subject: Hellgate camera is offline at the moment
Name Date Message
Shelley 09/14/12 07:18 am and it's been 2 days since I've seen a chick on the nest. This could be it, the last 2 who have been hanging around may have finally begun their migration. Sigh. The end of the season, truly...

Fly safe, kids!
Trishrg 09/14/12 08:24 am Hi Shelley
Posts on Facebook say she was seen yesterday, and Stan was still bringing her fish.
I was watching an empty nest last night, so the cam is hopefully just having a glitch.
vickinish 09/14/12 10:38 am The remaining chick has a drooping wing although she flies well and has been observed even catching her own fish.

Will be interesting to see what happens with her.
Shelley 09/14/12 05:34 pm Well, either I spoke too soon or it's wishful thinking because as of right now (5:30 EST), one chick is on the nest. I do hope she makes it!
Shelley 09/14/12 10:09 pm It's now after 10 pm and that lone osprey is on the nest, squawking her head off. It's a little bit sad to watch, actually. Maybe she doesn't know she is supposed to migrate...:-(
Shelley 09/15/12 09:14 am And at 9:15 this morning, she is still there, on a wet and dreary-looking morning. I see what you mean about that left wing drooping. But I did see her fly off and return with apparent ease so I wonder what that's all about and if it has anything to do with her not having left yet on her journey.
Celeste 09/15/12 11:36 am They still have a bit more time left to hang around. Soon enough I suspect:-) Happy Trails to all of "them".
Trishrg 09/15/12 01:30 pm They did a zoom in and posted a pic on their facebook page a week or more ago of her wing. It looked like she had a small open wound inside her wing, and speculated it may have happened over a food fight with a sibling (i think).
Anyhow, she is flying well enough, and Stan has been continuing to provide for her, and the other 2 siblings are well gone now, so the hope is she will fatten up, and migrate. And after that? Unless they ever spot her again, we will never know.

As for the cloudy dreary skies, that's from a forest fire burning out of control. It's smoke.
Shelley 09/15/12 02:28 pm Thanks for that update, Trish. I am not on facebook so don't follow that.
Fingers crossed...!
bdee 09/16/12 04:19 pm Squish(71) is still around as of yesterday, 15th. Someone on Osprey Cams FB captured a photo of Squish attempting to land, but Royal(73) squawked 71 off.

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