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Thread subject: Dawn Chorus Red Alert: Cardinals
Name Date Message
martyc35 09/16/12 03:55 pm Guest host Cardinal shows us how he got his online monicker. Lots and lots of Caardinal pics, so enjoy.
Shelley 09/16/12 07:59 pm Wow, thanks Marty. This was terrific! I'm interested that someone else mentioned the bald cardinal phenomenon. I had a bald female cardinal at my feeder earlier this summer. I also did a bit of homework and it seems that the cause is likely feather mites that eat the feather follicles on the head, which is apparently the only place they can't reach to groom themselves (though I find that odd; I'm sure I've seen head scratching but maybe not). In any case, because they tend to arrive at my feeder and yard at dusk, the light quality in these photos is poor but still, you can see what I mean. I think the bald look almost looks almost reptilian and it is easy to see how they could have evolved from dinosaurs!

bald cardinal

I usually keep my Flickr photos set to privacy for friends only but made these few public. I finally switched to Mozilla as a browser but am not sure I will stay with it. For one thing, it doesn't allow my links to be live links, when I post them in email or elsewhere. I wonder if this attempt here will work.

Yay, it worked! Ok, so if you see the first pic, there are 2 more after that one, showing the bald cardinal.
martyc35 09/17/12 02:08 am Your link worked fine for me, Shelley. Sad looking baldness, but I think some others here have mentioned this and the birds survived okay.
Trishrg 09/17/12 08:38 am Nice blog! There was a Nor. Cardinal reported here in So Cal, but it was chalked up to being an escapee. I would never think of them as pets....
Celeste 09/17/12 04:28 pm I particularly love this latest Installment! As I have mentioned through the years I have a favorite Cardinal whom I recognize, as he lost his feathers one year, and when they came back he no longer has a peak! Mr. C is still the first cardinal at my feeder each morning and I must now have his children, grandchildren and great grand children at my feeder. This year we have nicknamed 2 "chicks" who are finally showing their true colors (male and a female), the Cardinali siblings as they come each day as a pair to the feeder at my window. Mr. C is very busy during the summer feeding his chicks. He will feed them my seed, but I have also seen him on my lawn with his chicks eating seeds from the bushes and the grass. Mr. C also perches himself on a weathervane outside my window to "summon" us, he will fly close to our heads to let us know the feeder is empty. Cardinals can be quite skittish, and Mr. C is still cautious, but we notice when we "call" him he will fly to a bush nearby and expect us to throw some seed down till we fill the feeder. Love my Cardinals!
martyc35 09/18/12 12:27 am Glad you found it, Celeste. I was thinking of you and your Cardinals when I read it.

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