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Thread subject: Juvie in Somerset
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 09/27/12 04:13 pm A juvenile osprey is hanging around on a reservoir in the Quantocks. I've no chance of getting to see him unfortunately, but someone has sent me a photo of him which I don't think they'll mind me sharing with a wider audience.

I imagine it's a Scottish youngster. Roy Dennis has been contacted with details of the ring number so hopefully we'll get a proper id in the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully our weather will improve in the near future to encourage him to set off for warmer climes, but in the meantime he looks in great condition - Pic
Tiger 09/27/12 04:43 pm Anne what is the ring number?
Anne-UK1 09/27/12 06:21 pm Blue NO.
Tiger 09/27/12 06:43 pm Not one we know. See SueC Ringing Data
Anne-UK1 09/27/12 07:15 pm I saw a "no" straight away! Then realised it was as in the opposite of "yes". Oh well ...

Fantastic stats Tiger. I will be studying that site at some point over the winter when I hope life will be quieter than it is at present.

A shame you can't identify the youngster. Roy Dennis is apparently in Australia for another week or so, but should be sending info through to the chap who's reported the sightings. I'll post it on here when I hear back from him. This juvie's been flitting between two reservoirs down there since 1st September as far as I know. It really is time he moved on, but on the other hand I'm still hoping it won't be too many years before at least one pair decides to settle in this part of the world and raise a family, so the more that decide they quite like it around here the better.
Tiger 09/27/12 08:06 pm When White 91 intruded at Loch of the Lowes back in July I identified her but was beaten by someone else using our stats.

There are a lot of stats on the site. Let us know what you think of them. There is a tracking page too.
Shelley 09/27/12 08:48 pm It's a great photo. But is it a female (chest looks like it has a *bib*)
Anne-UK1 09/28/12 03:06 am It's a great site Tiger. So much work must have gone into it. I have had a brief look before and intend to give it a proper study when I can.

I'm often thinking back to previous years and trying to remember this or that - I think the answers will most often be on your site. It's good to have everything collated in one place.

Shelley, it may be a female. I tend to always say "he" unless I know otherwise. Roy Dennis should be able to tell us when he replies.
Tiger 09/28/12 03:56 am Yes Anne we seem to have got a group of fans in New Zealand. I wonder who they are. Also a group in Finland.

Sometimes it is hard to tell sex of ospreys by chest colour.

See Here

Celeste 09/28/12 06:10 am Very Regal looking osprey!
Pam 09/28/12 07:05 am Beautiful bird. Look forward to reading more info later.
Melanie 09/28/12 03:25 pm That's one fine looking bird.

At least here in Maryland, both sexes will often have a faint bib. I notice the eyes on this one are yellow which makes you wonder of the age? Generally the juvies have orange eyes.
Anne-UK1 10/01/12 05:09 pm Some great action shots of the juvie taken yesterday - Link

Melanie I think the eye colour may be a trick of the light - though having said that, one of the LG youngsters had quite pale eyes this year I think so perhaps they're not always as dark as we expect?
Tiger 10/01/12 05:39 pm Great pictures Ane.

As far as orange eyes are concerned then Henry at Loch Garten had orange eyes as has Monty at Dyfi.
Anne-UK1 10/01/12 05:45 pm Yes, there do seem to be variations on the rule as far as eye colour goes.

Looking at those new photos, I wondered about this juvie's feathers. Does his tail look a bit raggedy (I thought that in the first one I posted too), or is it just that he's a bit wet. His wing feathers look a bit tattered in a couple of places too. Normal wear and tear? He looks in great condition generally, so maybe I'm being a bit over-observant.
martyc35 10/02/12 02:38 am Wonderful photos, and a beautiful bird. I hope they can figure out what the blue band with ND means.
Pam 10/02/12 04:00 am They are very good pictures, very clear. Surely somebody somewhere can ID the bird from those.
Pam 10/02/12 04:14 am I am doing a little detective work:
Anne-UK1 10/02/12 05:53 am We should know where this youngster originates from next week when Roy Dennis gets back from Australia. Clearly a Scottish bird I think, as the ring's on the left leg, but from a lesser known nest.

I thought it read ND too Marty, though the spotters down there are reading it as NO. Again, Roy Dennis should clear that up for us when he's back.
Anne-UK1 10/02/12 06:15 pm Still hanging around it seems. I love this new shot that's been added to the website today - Pic
DaisyG 10/04/12 04:11 am Yes, definitely a LOT of work gone into that osprey stats site Tiger :)
Anne-UK1 10/10/12 05:37 pm Info update on this youngster from the local message board:-

Brian Gibbs
Oct 10, 2012 - 4:29PM

Details of the colour ringed Osprey at Hawkridge Reservoir

I have received the details of the colour ringed juvenile Osprey âNDâ which was until recently at Hawkridge and Ashford Reservoirs. It was ringed by Roger Broad in Scotland (BTO:1421529), one of a brood of three on 10/07/12 near Loch Awe, Argyll.

One of its two other siblings has also been found on its first journey south, but sadly got no further than Yorkshire where it was reported as a "rail casualty" on 02/09/12.

Hopefully this bird will be more successful on the rest of the journey south.

Thanks to Roy Dennis and Roger Broad for providing the information.
martyc35 10/11/12 02:45 am Glad you got the ID, and glad my eyes aren't totally bad and that it was ND--wish they had explained that, but at least we know it is from Scotland. Sorry about the lost sibling.
Tiger 10/30/12 11:33 am More about Blue ND

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