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Thread subject: Dawn Chorus: Hawk IDs
Name Date Message
martyc35 10/14/12 06:43 pm Lineatus is back, helping us identify various hawks.
Shelley 10/14/12 07:34 pm Excellent diary, Marty! Is the red *new* a new feature? Aren't all post when first made, new?

As an aside, I have a series of photos on my Flickr account that document a red-tail taking out a squirrel from a tree last year -- plucked him right off the branch and landed with a thud on the lawn, right in front of a number of staff (and students) who were eating lunch at the picnic tables. I was lucky to get these shots! He took his time about it too, which helped.
Trishrg 10/14/12 09:07 pm You should post your pics over on the blog Shelley!
Good help with ID on the hawks today!
Shelley 10/14/12 11:03 pm Don't really know how, Trish. Big surprise there, lol!
Celeste 10/15/12 04:51 am Excellent! Learned a lot! Much clearer than many bird books! Thanks!
Pam 10/15/12 06:29 am Such a lot to learn. Thanks Marty.
Shelley: could you please post a link to your serie of photos ? Thanks.
martyc35 10/15/12 07:02 pm I will try to make a link to Shelley's pic page. Hope this works: LINK
Shelley 10/15/12 07:05 pm Ok, here it is: photos

Most of my photos on Flickr are set to friends only privacy but I've made some public, including the RTH with the squirrel. There are 4 in that series as I recalled the story. I don't know how many are public (forget) so if you don't see them on the first page that opens, go to the second page. Let me know if this works.

Edited to add: Haha, Marty! We posted at the same time! Thanks!
Trishrg 10/15/12 09:28 pm I think this one will work. Great set Shelley!
Lori 10/16/12 06:15 am Hi Shelly, these are excellent pics! Thanks for sharing & keep up the great work :)
Pam 10/16/12 12:02 pm Thanks Shelley. I must have seen at least one of the series before because I had left a comment....memory going in my old age....
Fantastic close-up pics of an awesome bird. Keep them coming please !!!
Shelley 10/16/12 08:49 pm Thanks for your kind words! I was reminded of these pics only because someone (forget at the moment) on the diary mentioned that red-tails don't usually pick off squirels from trees, usually only weaker ones on the ground. But this incident of mine proved just the opposite. Of course, Toronto is known for the abundance (some would say, OVER abundance) of healthy fat squirrels. A full course meal (with dessert) for an enterprising RTH
Pam 10/17/12 04:41 am We were once sitting eating an ice cream overlooking a lake in the Three Sisters area (Oregon). I was admiring a lovely little squirrel on the slipway when....yes, you guessed it....whoomph !!! he was gone, taken by a predator. In St Ives, it would be the ice-cream gone, taken by the Herring Gulls, a nasty habit of theirs, particularly when it is little kids eating the cone !!
Melanie 10/17/12 02:49 pm And in Maryland it would be Herring Gulls taking whatever they could and pooping on you in the process! ;-p
Celeste 10/18/12 05:53 am Great photos Shelley....
"speaking" of squirrels...heard this on the news will need more bags of peanuts!!!!
Trishrg 10/18/12 08:15 am With the boom is squirrels, maybe there will be a boom in animals that prey on squirrels? Raptors??
Melanie 10/18/12 11:32 am Hah! all I can think of is that line out of Jaws - "I think we're gonna need a bigger boat!"

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