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Thread subject: Hoping all our EastCoasters stay safe...
Name Date Message
martyc35 10/27/12 04:24 pm Hunker down, please. Hurricane Sandy is heading for the Atlantic middle states, even perhaps as far north as Long Island, and certainly in and around Chesapeake Bay. Stay safe, and keep us posted if you have power,
FOB Webmaster 10/27/12 10:28 pm Yes, one of my favorite beach towns -- Stone Harbor, NJ -- is looking like Ground Zero. Hope the coastal towns and wildlife refuges hold up to the wind and flooding.
Celeste 10/28/12 04:33 am Thank you!
Stay safe all who will be affected by this storm It's been stated that 60 million people will be involved with Sandy. I must admit I'm nervous about it!

Now hearing about Hawaii and the Tsunami Warning....and Earthquake in BC...ALL be well!
Shelley 10/28/12 07:15 am They are even saying that here in Ontario, we will get hit hard. Sometimes, it's hard to wade through all the media hype, but I found an interesting article that helps do just that.

And this tracking map

It rained here all day yesterday, not badly but steadily. It's not raining now but it is expected to be a wet forecast for the next week. We are beginning to hear that Tuesday may be bad, from this storm. I'm making sure my emergency supplies (batteries, candles, extra water bottles, etc) are stocked up and will just hope for the best.

Be safe everyone, and if they tell you to evacuate, DO IT!

Trishrg 10/28/12 08:46 am Be safe- keep us posted.
I hope those Osprey that were passing through got around it!!
Melanie 10/28/12 09:17 am Blame it on the Mayans!!!!

Yesterday I woke to a lot of bird song. This morning it's eerily silent.
DaisyG 10/28/12 01:04 pm Thinking about you and wishing you all safe and well!
Lori 10/28/12 01:51 pm It will be an adventure! Made the best preparations that we could. What will be will be :) Take care everyone
terryo 10/28/12 03:19 pm Sure glad I didn't bother raking leaves today. I'm was raised on tornadoes not hurricanes and the oujji (sp) board said not to sweat it so I won't.
FOB Webmaster 10/28/12 05:35 pm Just make sure your leaves don't block any storm drains near you -- that can increase flooding. I just heard someone mention that today.
Anne-UK1 10/29/12 01:41 pm Stay safe everyone. Lori and Terry, I admire your attitude!

Fingers crossed Sandy runs out of steam more quickly than is being forecast.
Kathy 10/29/12 02:58 pm I'm not watching the news anymore...they are scaring the hell out of me! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't lose power...stay safe my Osprey friends. I'm taking Lori's attitude...what will be, will be. Mother Nature...ain't she a bitch! :-0
Nancy L 10/29/12 03:19 pm Seeing larger tree limbs coming down now, as the wind intensifies. Lots of flooding on the south shore. I imagine the water is getting closer to Dennis & Betty's nest.
Tiger 10/29/12 06:38 pm Hope you all get through ok. It will be a worrying time.

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