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Thread subject: Made it through in Maryland
Name Date Message
Melanie 10/30/12 09:05 am Amazingly, we still have power. It flickered off and on briefly but always came right back.

Sandy came ashore at Atlantic City, NJ around 8 pm with record low pressure (940 millibars). Happily for Maryland, not only did it put us in the weakest quadrant of the hurricane, but she also started to speed up so we had about 4 hours of howling intense winds and then it was suddenly gone. We still had 50 mph sustained winds throughout most of the day, but the worst just zipped through.

It's 45° this morning (5°c) and still breezy so it's pretty raw - quite the different from what you would expect from a hurricane where it would normally bring in warm, tropical air. The western part of the state has gotten 18 inches of snow with this and it's still snowing there. It's just not right on so many levels.
Trishrg 10/30/12 10:18 am Glad you made it through. Thanks for the update. Stay warm!!!
Now hoping to hear from our other affected Featherheads!!!
Anne-UK1 10/30/12 12:26 pm Good to hear from you Melanie. I hope everyone else has made it through safely too. Unbelievable conditions!
martyc35 10/30/12 01:29 pm So good to hear from you, Melanie. My daughter, Bonnie, a few miles from you, called this morning, and they never lost power in Bowie, she dug a few little rivulets to help the rain run off, and this morning, she found two mourning doves hiding in her front doorway, but they were okay, too. She has a friend who lives on Shelter Island (Long Island), and they made it through. I hope we hear from our Long Island folks soon and that everyone is okay.
Melanie 10/30/12 02:15 pm I heard from Celeste this morning - they lost power briefly around 4 am but it was back up around 8:30. They are fine but there are a lot of trees down around her neighborhood. I've not heard from her since so she may be down again. Cecilia's power (north shore) went out pretty early. Still waiting to hear from her.
Lori 10/30/12 02:59 pm Not sure about the western end of the Island, but most of the mid section faired pretty well. I never lost power & thankfully no downed trees in the general neighborhood. My daughter in Mastic Beach didn't have a flooded basement but there are trees down all over, so she has no power. NY City got hit bad, subway system will be out for awhile. All major roads in Nassau County are closed! I am very fortunate, could have been much worse. Somebody up there must like me. :) Hope all is well with everyone
Celeste 10/30/12 04:12 pm Hi, I am here, don't know for how long...I am one of 3 blocks that has electricity...almost 90 % of Long Island doesn't. As my son says, perhaps we have lost electricity so often there's enough "tape" keeping it on for now:-)
On a serious note, the devastation here is very sad. Friends of ours who lost their home in last summer's hurricane, just moved back in not long ago, lost it again. My son right now is helping his friends empty their demolished apt on the water. The refrigerator from the force of the water and the winds moved to another room. And the only thing that kept the pier outside of their home from going to the front of the home was the hot tub which was found on its side against the back of the house. Our own grill which had concrete to hold it down, moved from one end to the other from the almost 90mph gusts. Of course we are surrounded by trees on roofs, on the street and across people's yards. I can't even imagine what a Category 4 Hurricane would be like. NYC devastated, and tomorrow city schools will be closed again. The subways are flooded, etc., etc. Beautiful parks are flooded, boardwalks torn. Though all this can be fixed. there are the stories of people who were killed because of trees that fell on their homes.
Trishrg 10/30/12 04:25 pm Wow Celeste.
I'm so glad you're okay, but how very sad about your friends and others who were to badly affected. To lose one's home twice has to be unbelievable.
And in all the bad, you still have so much to be grateful for.
Sending warm thoughts.
Stay safe!
DaisyG 10/30/12 04:50 pm So good to hear from you and glad you made it through, albeit, for some, not completely unscathed . Have been watching scenes of devastation, flooding, explosions, fires, on and off since it started and hoping throughout that you were ok.
Shelley 10/30/12 05:30 pm Celeste, glad to hear you are ok, though I can't imagine what it must look like today. We were lucky here in Toronto, compared to what you guys got hit with. There are parts of our city still without power and many trees down as well (though, miraculously, none on my street). One big willow on my school's front lawn came down but not on the power lines so our school was open today, though there were 11 schools in the system that weren't, due to power loss. We have had only one reported loss of life, compared to the many in the USA so although even one is awful, it could have been a lot worse here.
My thoughts are with everyone who suffered or will continue to as Sandy continues her travels.

martyc35 10/30/12 05:51 pm Oh, good to hear from you, Celeste and Lori and Shelley I hope all our friends have made it safely. I am sharing this pic I found while checking up on Central Park. Reminds me that this, too, shall pass: LINK
Shelley 10/30/12 07:38 pm I saw another version of that shot on our evening news, Marty. It's still raining here but they say that it should be clear for tomorrow night's trick or treaters. I kind-of wish they'd postpone Halloween for a bit, though, out of respect for the current grim situation but I don't suppose that will happen
Pam 11/01/12 01:13 pm I've been away from my computer for the last few days but kept thinking about the people I know in USA and Canada. I was relieved to come here and see that Lori, Celeste, Mel, Terryo and Shelley are okay. It must have been terrifying.
Marie 11/01/12 07:44 pm I too am very relieved and happy to know that the special people on DPOF are fine, not only in the USA but Canada too. It must have been a terrible experience to go through.The horrific pictures on TV tell all. It was good to know that this site/ medium was still functioning. I have been in contact with Celeste and was amazed to know that such a small area only on Long Island had/has power. My thoughts are with you all as you try to come to terms with all that destruction. Now for the slow rebuilding of lives and property. I wish you well.
Shelley 11/01/12 08:38 pm Marie!! Did you feel the earthquake where you were? I know you are not in that specific area but I heard it was felt for quite some distance.
zorro89 11/02/12 10:19 am He'eeeees Back!
We made it through Miss Sandy with our neighbor across the street big maple tree resting comfortably on our front lawn. Of course our cable tv/internet/telephone are still down. I've never communicated with my wife as much as I have this week lol. I now read every line in every column in Newsday, I'm really informed now. Anyway hope everyone on the message board faired as well as we did. TerryO aka zorro89
Marie 11/02/12 02:11 pm Earth quakes are scary things....they keep reminding us of the BIG ONE yet to come to this area. Last Saturday evening, I was out enjoying a 25th anniversary dinner and dance for our Middle Eastern dance teacher. I felt NOTHING of that 7.7 quake that hit the Queen Charlotte Islands just north of here.I didn't find out till 11pm when I switched on the TV, and saw Tsunami warnings for coastal areas. I live in an apartment overlooking the ocean, but there are three fair size islands that would shelter and hopefully protect this Bay. The fault line for this latest EQ seemed to send the trembling laterally , even as far as Edmonton, Alberta which is the next province to BC. All rather amazing with so little damage. We were blessed. !
Hopefully it will not occur as they say it will, but maybe that is being unrealistic. At least I hope this latest earth quake relieved some of the stress below us and we can enjoy many more wonderful days, weeks, months and years in this beautiful province where wildlife/Nature abounds !
I am still watching the horrific footage of the destruction in NY and New Jersey and eastern Canada. My thoughts are with you all. God Bless!
Nancy L 11/02/12 09:35 pm We finally got our power back a few hours ago, after almost 4 days without. My husband had not taken his sailboat out of the marina, but it looks well. The docking is all torn up, but the boat is floating.
Our neighbor's big tree came down into our back yard right where the boat would have been stored. What luck!
Drove out to Puleston's & all looks well. Luckily they are on the river, before it becomes bay. The nearby marina did get some damage, but not as bad as other places.
The bay came up onto land (maybe 1/4 mile in some places) and was really rough.
My brother's house in Lindenhurst on the water is still standing, but they had water in the kitchen up to the counter-tops, sorry to say. He just returned today from Florida to survey his damage.
cathy 11/06/12 06:47 am A little late in reading this - but I'm glad to hear reports from my dear DPOF friends. How sad to hear from someone I know about the devastation. When I read news reports, I never know if its focusing on the negative or how widespread problems really are. Thank you for checking in, and I wish you well in your recovery efforts. Anyone hear from Mickey?
Anne-UK1 11/06/12 10:36 am I've been waiting for Mickey to check in too, Cathy.

He's not a frequent visitor these days so I guess he's just busy elsewhere. It would be good to know he's okay though.

Are we missing anyone else?
martyc35 11/07/12 01:24 pm I figured most Long Islanders were without power for quite awhile, but, yes, it would be good to hear from them all, Mickey, Lyn, and any others who only check in occasionally.marty

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