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Thread subject: Knock, knock, anyone there?
Name Date Message
Shelley 11/10/12 07:03 pm I hope everyone is ok. Please check in if you can
martyc35 11/10/12 07:44 pm Hi, Dear. My server was out briefly, but it seems ok again now, so I will send Dawn Chorus tomorrow. I think everyone is exhausted from storms, elections, and no doubt the onset of winter in the UK. Glad you are ok,
Trishrg 11/10/12 08:21 pm On my local news here on the west coast, they did a story about the power still being out to a large portion of Long Island, and people are frustrated, putting it nicely.
Here's a map with the outages.
Shelley 11/10/12 08:21 pm Hi Marty,
Good to hear from you. I figured those on the east coast must be dealing with aftermath issues and you must certainly be right, too, about election fatigue but it had been a whole week since anyone else has been here. I thought that maybe the DPOF board had gone down, too, due to the storms but when my message went through earlier, I saw that it was ok.
I look forward to Dawn Chorus.

I registered for the annual Feeder Watch bird count for the first time and it began today. I am excited to be participating in something so *official* and hope that my feeder crew won't disappoint me!
Trishrg 11/10/12 08:24 pm Good for you Shelley, for registering to monitor you feeder. Citizen science is wonderful. I do the CBC here. I've also done the Great Backyard Bird count a few times, and I report tagged birds whenever I find one to the bird banding lab. Lately, I've had 4 different tagged Am. White Pelicans. They like to winter here.

Looking forward to DC tomorrow Marty! I'll see you there.
Nancy L 11/11/12 11:09 am My husband brought his pick-up truck yesterday to help my brother & his wife move their salvagable belongings to a storage facility & the apartment they will be living in. Yes, there are still people without power for almost 2 weeks. It is COLD at night.
On the bright side, I will be going to a 'family tea party' - women only - this afternoon. My sister-in-law will attend. My brother says she needs it, as she has not cried yet, over the loss of their house on the bay.
Melanie 11/11/12 05:47 pm I can't even imagine how people in NJ and Long Island are coping. We got off pretty easily here in Maryland and yet the whole storm thing (preparations, approach, mental stress of what could have happened,, etc) just plain old wore me out. The flip side of that, though, is that it came on the heels of one of the busiest times in our work calendar, so everyone in our office was basically running on empty when it all hit. Now all I really want to do is sleep.
Celeste 11/12/12 09:13 pm I'm here. I'm just plain tired...from clean up, gas lines, prepping for the storm, and wondering with each flicker of our lights, would we lose electricity, etc. I like many of LI feel heartbroken for those who have lost their homes, and most of all loved ones. Where my sister lives, Staten Island is still finding those who did not survive the surge of waters that entered their homes.
And where I live there are still people waiting for electricity and some "big" stores remain closed due to no electricity. On one particular block near me, 4 houses on a block where everyone has had electricity, they do not. Twelve days of no electricity when it is warm is challenging, but we have had some cold nights, particularly right after the nor'easter. The gas stations near me quickly run out of gas, but the odd/even is helpful.
On a lighter note, through the whole storm my birds still were at my feeder. Somehow my feeder which hangs from a fishing hook on the edge of the gutter of my roof, right outside of my window, didn't blow away. As long as it was hanging I put seed on it. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmouse, chickadees, and "my" Mr. C and his flock of chicks who are having chicks of their own were at the feeder:-) When the hurricane was finally over, it was great seeing them at my feeder.
I'm happy to see my weekly treat of Dawn's Chorus for sure! Thanks Marty!
Shelley 11/12/12 09:17 pm {{Hugs}} to you all Celeste.
martyc35 11/13/12 02:05 am Oh, good (and not so good) to hear from you, Celeste. I feel so sorry for all those who suffered, including Nancy's brother and family and all those in your area. Glad to know the DC helped to cheer you up. Bundle up, all, and try to stay warm.
Pam 11/13/12 10:44 am Good to hear from you Celeste.

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