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Thread subject: Osprey Cam In The Future?
Name Date Message
terryo 12/07/12 07:29 pm Here is some content from an email I received from the Friends of Wertheim Wildlife Refuge earlier that I wanted to share with you:


Coming Soon!

Jody DeMeyere, Visitor Services Manager, will be announcing a few exciting programs at the refuge:

** Junior Ranger

** Virtual Geocache

** Osprey Cam

** Details will be sent to you as they are available. **

Could be the start of something great again. Don't know any more at this time. Stay tuned for information as it becomes available!

Trishrg 12/07/12 08:13 pm Wow, I can't wait to hear more!!
Please keep us posted!
Shelley 12/08/12 06:53 am Are they referring to the same nest site as our former cam? Could we actually be reunited with Betty and Dennis (in whatever incarnation)??!

Be still, my beating heart! :-)
Celeste 12/08/12 11:36 am What a wonderful dream come true it would be! :-)
Lori 12/08/12 12:12 pm Wouldn't that be something?!? I doubt Shelly it would be the same nest. Wertheim has a few nests on their side of the river & they just built that beautiful Visitor's Center. But it sure would be close :)
Kathy 12/08/12 01:00 pm Fantastic!! Celeste...morning show reporting in your future? ;-))
Celeste 12/08/12 01:46 pm Yes, if "they" will be there, so will I!!!!
martyc35 12/08/12 07:16 pm Fingers crossed!
FOB Webmaster 12/10/12 09:22 am I dropped Jody a line -- as a Friends volunteer.

Her reply: "You are correct. We are getting a new osprey camera. The camera on the nest platform was just installed. We are still waiting to get another camera set up overlooking the river when the ospreys are gone. This camera is proving to be a bit more difficult to set up.

I expect it will still take us a few months to get everything working correctly and broadcasting on line. Then we just have to cross our fingers the birds will want to use the platform next spring!!"
Melanie 12/10/12 02:08 pm Did she offer any details like streaming or static refresh?
Pam 12/10/12 05:09 pm I needed some good news, this is wonderful !!
terryo 12/10/12 06:19 pm We have 6/7 natural nests in about a 3-1/2 mile area along the Carmans. Did she say which nest was outfitted w/the cam and if it was wired for sound? The Wertheim nest #1 has been severly leaning for the past 5 years and I'm curious where they put up the cam.
FOB Webmaster 12/10/12 09:10 pm That was her whole reply, other than thanking me for my interest in the project.
terryo 12/11/12 07:09 am tks for reply Lisa, I should have said man-made vice natural nests in my 6:19pm post, duh. I'll try and get in touch w/John Petraglia, the FOW webmaster to see if he has any info. Tks again.
DaisyG 12/11/12 12:50 pm Wow! Thanks Terry and Lisa. Looking forward to further news.
Anne-UK1 12/16/12 08:42 am Well, that sounds like some great news - especially with the second cam watching the river. I do wish they'd used our old nest though - that really would have been something. But we can't have everything we want and this is a pretty good second choice. Roll on spring!

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