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Thread subject: DYFI Osprey Ceulan's data not good
Name Date Message
Trishrg 12/11/12 11:29 am Posted on Facebook

Oh no, here we go again.

Ceulan's data has come through and he's showing as being in the same place. Worse still, his activity readings haven't changed for a week indicating no movement. The temperatures are low as well, as are the voltage readings.

I'm away until Thursday but Google Earth has just been updated. Please have a look and see what you think.

Not looking promising
DaisyG 12/11/12 12:47 pm Yes, really bad news this time. No optimism from me I'm afraid.
Trishrg 12/11/12 03:21 pm These is a google earth link that were posted on FB by Tiger
Google Earth Data

And this is the main page for Ceulan
Trishrg 12/13/12 09:14 am Latest Post of Facebook~

Dyfi Osprey Project
2 hours ago
A big thank-you to everybody that have left comments on the Ceulan post below.

Just to let you know, our old friend Frederic is back in Senegal at the moment and will be searching for Ceulan over the next few days. He's got Ceulan's last GPS points and they're in an area that is not too difficult to get to.

I've had a chance to look at the data again this morning and the tracker seems to be operating properly. It's just that it's sending data back that we don't want to see. I'm going to refrain from writing a blog for the moment - let's see what news Frederic brings. Besides, I feel too sick to think about it at the moment.

I have to be honest and say that the probability that Ceulan has died is 'extremely likely'. But has there ever been a British tracked osprey that has returned to the UK with the tracker having fallen off after only a few months? Yes, once.

The minute we hear back from Frederic, you'll know too.
DaisyG 12/13/12 02:07 pm Ems has had an email from Frederic saying he will be going to search on Saturday.
Tiger 12/13/12 02:18 pm I must say that it does look very bad. I hope that Frederic will solve the mystery on Saturday.
DaisyG 12/13/12 04:22 pm Yes agree Tiger. There is little to hope for but a solution, whatever that may be.
Shelley 12/13/12 08:59 pm Damn.

So much hope and love followed this creature. Damn, damn, damn
Celeste 12/14/12 04:03 pm Ditto Shelley....
Trishrg 12/15/12 06:42 pm Damn shame.....

Latest post from Facebook.

We've heard back from Frederic and it's bad news I'm afraid. Ceulan had died. I'll post the image Frederic sent in a blog over the next few days, it's not nice. It looks like Ceulan died after getting tangled up in fishermen's nets.

Thank you Frederic for searching for Ceulan and finding the answers to our questions.

"We are so sad to write these short words, because we are thinking about all the people in Wales who worked and loved for the Nora and Monty kids. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, we found Ceulan's wings and all the materials in a fishermen camp near the Diawel river.... People said that they found Ceulan dead in their fish nets 8 days ago and gave us immediatly all the remains of the poor bird.
I have with me the rings and tracker (see picture linked).

More news, pics and movies, tomorrow.

Kind regards. Frederic."
Shelley 12/15/12 07:26 pm You know, I could almost be at peace with it if he had died from a predator or natural elements. But when it's man who is to blame, well, it just pisses me off.
Tiger 12/15/12 08:27 pm Sadly Ceulan is dead. See Report here

Anne-UK1 12/16/12 08:39 am Such a sad end to his story, and after everyone at Dyfi did so much to give him a fighting chance. I suppose the only positive we can take out of it is that at least Monty and Norah had a successful season - if the nest had totally failed it might have impacted on them returning next year. We also know they produce offspring which successfully migrate, so there's another positive. The law of averages says some of them will make it to adulthood and return to Wales in the future.

I wonder how many other wintering birds suffer the same fate as Ceulan. I guess the local population have to live too and I can't think of an alternative to those fishing nets, unfortunately.

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