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Thread subject: A Life To Remember-Final Blog on Ceulan
Name Date Message
Trishrg 12/16/12 09:26 pm BLOG
Anne-UK1 12/17/12 03:14 am Thanks Trish. So very sad :(
Shelley 12/17/12 07:23 am Thanks for this link. Tiger did sum it up so well.

RIP, Ceulan, and thank you to Frederic, and everyone.
Nancy L 12/17/12 12:44 pm So very interesting to learn about life in other parts of the world. Thank you.
Anne-UK1 12/17/12 01:04 pm Yes it is Nancy. We've no idea really, have we.

I don't know what can be done about these nets - they sound as if they cause many fatalities. If there's not an alternative that would be more visible, then perhaps at least some education would encourage the local fishermen to clear them away after use rather than leave them littering the waterways.

The Rutland team have started building good relations over the last couple of years. Hopefully they can start getting the message out there and make a difference.
Celeste 12/18/12 03:30 pm Thanks for the link also. So unfortunate, and yes, very sad.
Tim P 12/20/12 08:51 am I think its time to quit fitting the ospreys with gps.We know where they go to winter from each continent. How much more info do we need on how long or what route the bird took. I figure $6.000 dollars for a radio could be put to another use such as nests or education in areas where they are still being shot.
Tag the young and if they return thats good, If they don't you dont need to know what happened. The odds of survival for young are still below 50%. Gps has done nothing to raise the percentage. Time for better use of all the money. Not to mention the burden of carrying the radio to satisfy our curiosity .
Tiger 12/20/12 04:19 pm The demise of Ceulan has highlighted the danger of fishing nets. I did not hear too many people talk about that before.
Pam 12/21/12 04:02 pm Discarded fishing tackle has always been a real danger to wildlife, nets, lines, hooks, netrings and lead sinkers etc....all potentially lethal. Resposible use and disposal of such equipment should be routine.
I believe a lot has been learned through the use of GPS but whether it is worth the expense in the long run I would not know.
Hi Tim !
Pam 12/27/12 06:25 am With regard to the above here is a recent quote from Larry Backlund, the Loon man of Minnesota, in his latest blog:

- Then in October I got an email from the USGS that informed me that one of the chicks from the other family on the lake had been found on Lake Phalen in St Paul, MN. He was rescued and taken to the Wildlife Rehabilition Center. We could identify him from the bands and geo locater tag that we had placed on him this summer.

He had been found with a fish hook in his neck and with fishing line wrapped around him.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center performed surgey to remove the hook.

Unfortunately he did not survive the surgery. The injuries and stress had just been too much in spite of the efforts of the wonderful folks at the WRC. -
Anne-UK1 12/27/12 11:50 am I know we think about it in the birds' summer quarters - it's often mentioned on this message board and others - but I for one hadn't thought about fishing nets in the winter quarters.

I hope Ceulan's sad loss will put more emphasis on this aspect of the talks that the Rutland team give on their trips to Africa. Of course the local population rely heavily on fishing to provide food for their families, but if they can at least think about tidying up the nets at the end of fishing season, rather than just leaving them cluttering up the waterways it might help a little. And who knows, maybe some bright spark will come up with a more visible net that can also help reduce the chances of an osprey diving where they shouldn't.

The more knowledge and awareness, the better.

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