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Thread subject: Merry Christmas
Name Date Message
Nancy L 12/24/12 12:55 pm to all my friends & acquaintances from the Dennis Puleston Osprey Fund site. I've learned so much & it's been a pleasure !
DaisyG 12/24/12 01:55 pm Thank you Nancy, me too.

Adding my very best wishes to you all for a very happy Christmas. Happy holidays for those who do not celebrate Christmas.
Nancy L 12/24/12 02:34 pm Daisy - this morning (afternoon for you), I listened to a live broadcast of the Christmas program from Kings College chapel in Cambridge. Jim & I had our first 'tea' in Cambridge back in 1998 when we were visiting.
DaisyG 12/24/12 02:52 pm Fond memories for you then Nancy.
Pam 12/24/12 04:40 pm ******************HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE****************
Anne-UK1 12/24/12 05:01 pm Happy Christmas one and all. Here's to peace and happiness, tomorrow and beyond :)
Trishrg 12/24/12 06:54 pm ~Peace~

I feel the same way Nancy. I've learned so much here. I saw an Osprey today. It was a good day :-)
Tiger 12/24/12 07:42 pm MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE

Shelley 12/24/12 08:26 pm Adding my best wishes to all, for a happy holiday, whatever and however you celebrate. And may 2013 bring only good things to our world
vickinish 12/24/12 09:37 pm Happy Holidays to all. Let us hope for a good year for osprey, whooping cranes, condors and of course, all of the many deserving people in the world.

It is wonderful to consider all of you my friends.
Pam 12/28/12 07:39 am I'm reading about snowstorms hitting USA now and hoping that my friends are surviving through this latest weather chaos.
Nancy L 12/29/12 01:48 pm Here on Puleston's Long Island, we are not expecting much. South shore - dusting to 3 inches. Maybe up to 5 inches on the northern parts. Most of the snow is in-land & up the coast to New England states.
Madeline F 12/30/12 02:07 am A belated MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone. I couldn't seem to post a message because I couldn't remember my password. Instead of Madeline, I'm now Madeline F.
Pam 12/30/12 10:54 am Nancy: one inch is enough to throw UK into chaos :-))
Trishrg 12/30/12 09:33 pm Hi Madeline! Wow, long time no see!!! Welcome back!

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