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Thread subject: Is the wind turbine industry as contentious where you
Name Date Message
Shelley 01/06/13 04:52 pm are as it is here in Ontario, Canada?

A close friend lives in the area where these are set to go up and her husband has been part of a large group trying to kill the project. Among others, the Blanding turtle is supposed to be *protected* in that area as it is an endangered species. How can the government sanction the destruction of protected species and protected areas? I just don't understand.

Wind industry kills eagle's nest in Ontario

The comments speak volumes, too. This is really the tip of the iceberg, I'm afraid. A very sad comment on humankind, and a real tragedy for wildlife.
Trishrg 01/07/13 04:17 pm They've been wiping out Golden Eagles here in CA. with wind power. They may even be threatening the Ca. Condor, which is still teetering on the brink of extinction.

I guess we won't stay at the top of the food chain without some good effort to kill everything else.
Nancy L 01/08/13 05:17 pm My husband thought, from the way they cut the tree, that they would put that nest up on a pole. Have eagles ever lived on pole nests?
zorro89 01/09/13 10:56 am Nancy I found this info re eagle homes. "If there are no trees, some eagles will make their nests on whatever they find - on the top of old telephone pols, dock pilings, ship masts, even light poles. Bald eagles sometimes nest on the ground. They only do this on islands or other places where there are no trees and no predators on the ground."
zorro89/aka terryo
Nancy L 01/10/13 02:53 pm But none of you think it was their intention to save that nest?
Melanie 01/11/13 02:23 pm For as many BE's as we have down here I have never heard of any of them using anything but a tree. Eagles want a canopy over their nests unlike ospreys whose nests are exposed to the sky, so I can't imagine them taking to a pole/platform nest
Kelly 01/12/13 07:52 am Hi everyone ⦠long time! Gosh, how does this work? LOL

Nancy, such a disturbing and shameful story! One would like to believe the company moved the nest elsewhere but I somehow doubt it, and there would be no guarantee that the eagles would choose to use it. They are resilient and Iâm sure they will find a more suitable place to build a new nest ⦠at least hereâs hoping :)

I have first-hand knowledge of a pair of BEâs successfully nesting on a cell tower in Ocean Co., New Jersey the last few years. But the fascinating news is that last year a pair took over an osprey platform and raised 1 eaglet (though someone claims there were 2). Whatâs more remarkable is that the platform is located smack dab in the middle of a Boy Scout camp! I visited the camp a number of times and although the female was curious with my presence, she did not appear agitated (not to worry ⦠I kept an appropriate distance away). There was a lot of activity during the Spring and Summer as the camp was undergoing renovations and there were many workers about making a lot of noise!

Here are a few pics:

This pic was taken on April 15th by a friend and Boy Scout leader showing the eagle defending the nest from what one can only assume to be the resident osprey returning home. What a shock! Later in the summer I found a natural osprey nest in the vacinity with 1 chick ⦠could it have been that family?

April 17th (A) ⦠view of platform surrounded by cabins.
April 17th (B) ⦠another view showing a wood shed and fire pit in the forefront.
April 17th (C) ⦠female clearly incubating and she kept looking behind as if waiting for her mate (who, unfortunately, didnât show up during the time I was there).

June 12th ⦠female with eaglet who I guesstimate to have been about 6 weeks old at the time.

July 14th (A) ⦠big stretch!
July 14th (B) ⦠beautiful :)

July 29th (A) ⦠empty nest.
July 29th (B) ⦠found the eaglet on momâs favourite perch about a 100 yards away.

Who knows ⦠there may be many other instances of eagles taking over osprey nests. One thing is for certain, I canât wait for Spring to roll on so I can get back there to see if the BEâs choose to nest there again!
Shelley 01/12/13 08:01 am Great pics, Kelly!
Are you still in NS? How are you faring with all the snow? The small bit we had here over the Christmas holiday is nearly gone and yesterday, we hit a record high temp of 12C! Same predicted for today before it starts going down again. Crazy, for January! And I truly hate that it is RAINING and the snow nearly gone. Mind you, I would not want to have to deal with what Nfld is, these days, but still....
Kelly 01/12/13 08:31 am Hey there, Shelley :) Yes, I'm still in N.S. Winter has truly found us but we don't have a lot of snow to speak of ... gone are the days of a "true" Winter I'm afraid. Our temps have been, for the most part, above average; though it was quite frigid last week ... -20's C with windchill! The older I get the more I realize I am not a Winter person! LOL So glad I don't live in Newfoundland ... they got it real bad! :(
Nancy L 01/12/13 11:16 am Thanks a lot, Kelly! This is a subject we have never discussed before. Many of us have never heard of eagles' nests on platforms.
Celeste 01/12/13 03:03 pm It never ceases to amaze me how humans fail to realize that protecting our wildlife is ultimately protecting themselves.

Loved your shots Kelley!

I did some looking around re eagles and platforms and found a "good" story re humans and wildlife. Seems on Sanibel Island an eagle pair who had been nesting in the same tree for years found themselves homeless when their tree collapsed right before they laid eggs. It's a PDF file with some great photos,

"field studies have shown
that bald eagles often build multiple
nests within their territory, with an
average of 1.5 nests per territory, and
ranging from one nest to five nests.)
This same eagle couple lost another nest. Seems that plans were made to build a platform nest as it has been noted that eagles are willing to use them if it's located in the area where they have been using in the past to nest. The article said that while they were constructing the nest, an eagle, a red tail and an osprey were looking at the new real estate.:-)
I noticed there is a "quick view" of this article with photos, hope it works....
Celeste 01/12/13 03:14 pm Oh PS , the Sanibel Eagle Platform has a canopy over it (a la Greg's Tikki Hut Melanie), for the Eaglets to have shade:-)
Nancy L 01/13/13 03:32 pm Thanks for that article, Celeste.....and now that Jim & I have visited Sanibel Is., we know more of what you talk about.

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