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Thread subject: Thinking about those of you affected by current snowstorms
Name Date Message
DaisyG 02/09/13 04:23 am First you have Sandy, now this! Sending my very best wishes to you all. Sounds awful over there!
Kelly 02/09/13 07:37 am Hi, Daisy ... thanks for your concern. As mentioned elsewhere, I'm surving okay so far. A few inches of snow fell overnight but they are calling for an additional foot or more to fall between now and Sunday morning with extremely high winds. I wonder how Shelley is making out ... some parts of Ontario received over a foot!

I got my supplies & provisions in so no worries there ... just hope I don't lose power.
DaisyG 02/09/13 08:38 am Thanks for update Kelly. Good to hear you are ok and well stocked up with provisions. Good luck and fingers crossed for the power!
Hopefully others will check in with updates when...and if...they can.
Trishrg 02/09/13 09:58 am I was looking at the radar last night, and there was a huge yellow image over most of Long Island for a really long time. I too was worried. Check in when you can peeps.
Lori 02/09/13 10:45 am Hubbys out with the snowblower. Electricity & heat are working. Bird feeders are working. All is well in my neck of the woods. We have about 12 to 18"s of snow. Looks beautiful actually :) By tomorrow it's supposed to warm up, so it will probably melt fast. Thanks for thinking of us.
DaisyG 02/09/13 11:16 am Seeing pics of up to 3 feet of snow in some places.
Good to hear you are ok Lori and hope you are right about it not lasting long.
Nancy L 02/09/13 12:08 pm Yes, we had almost 2 feet last night. A plow DID go through our street this morning. Luckily my feeders were full, but they're getting empty now & I will go out & shovel a path to my 3 feeders.
Pam 02/09/13 01:39 pm No word from Celeste. I read it is really bad on Long Island... guess she might be without power right now. I can't imagine how UK would begin to deal with such amounts of snow. We come to a full stop after about one inch of the stuff. I will be glad to hear from all of our friends in the affected area, to know that they are managing to keep fed and warm.
Shelley 02/09/13 04:13 pm Yesterday was our *big day*. Toronto doesn't cope well with any significant snow. Any snow, really. I am from Montreal (where I grew up) and always have to laugh at Torontonians even though I have lived here for so long.

My stupid school board would not cancel or close schools even though bus transportation cancelled. So I simply called in and said I couldn't get off my street, which wasn't entirely a lie (it was when I phoned but within an hour or so, was quite true). It was simply not worth risking myself or my car to drive through the mess to a school that had no kids. Stupid school board. Police were asking people to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. It snowed non-stop all day and I think our total accumulation was between 20 and 30 cm, which for Toronto, was huge but is nothing compared to the eastern USA, for example. But honestly, it's just snow. I had a lovely time shovelling last night and helped out a few neighbours with shovelling, as well.

Today is brilliantly bright and sunny but very cold. The Maritime provinces are getting whalloped today, I hear.

They say the temps are going up and by Monday, it could all wash away as RAIN! Crazy climate!
Anne-UK1 02/09/13 04:53 pm I saw the reports on the news this evening. Loads and loads of snow. But it looked so powdery! I saw a snow plough clearing a road and it left absolutely no slush behind at all. Is your snow really so different to our horrible wet stuff or were my eyes deceiving me.

I hope it all clears very soon, meantime if you've got all the provisions you need and don't need to go anywhere just sit back and enjoy the beauty of it :)
Celeste 02/10/13 12:55 pm Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts! Tired from shoveling, (told my husband that he's getting a snow blower for Christmas next year!) Thankfully, electricity is fine. Have a couple of friends who are without electricity who live in Mass., which means no heat and that is hard. It's happened to me once for 3 days and it's hard to endure. It's not like an "outside" cold, but a very "still" cold.
Nancy L 02/10/13 03:43 pm Yes, tomorrow is supposed to be warmer & rainy: in other words a slushy day here on Long Island.
Pam 02/11/13 06:58 am Good to hear from the Long Islanders - we have a light, slushy snowfall this morning.
DaisyG 02/11/13 08:11 am Great to hear from you all and that you are ok. A few flakes of snow here this morning but didn't last long. Sun trying to come out now.
Tim P 02/12/13 07:16 am 30 inches , wasn't any fun moving.

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