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Thread subject: Ospreys at Blackwater
Name Date Message
Melanie 03/05/13 10:11 am 3 were reported Sunday at Blackwater - just in time for the last hurrah of winter!
FOB Webmaster 03/05/13 12:15 pm One was spotted on the Rt. 50 sign as well: Photos by Donna
Kelly 03/05/13 06:18 pm OMG! I actually saw this nest first-hand when I visited the area back in the Summer of 2011 :) It remains one of the most "unusual" places for a nest I've seen.

Here are a few pics:

Pic A

Pic B

And coming back from the other direction
FOB Webmaster 03/05/13 07:56 pm There's another one farther down the same road on another sign. And amazingly they produce chicks. Good pics.

martyc35 03/06/13 04:23 pm I was watching spring training baseball from Steinbrenner Park (NYY) in Tampa, Fla. yesterday, and the cameraman spotted two ospreys on a nearby nest and showed them to the baseball fans. I can't imagine raising those babies with fly balls whizzing past and home-run cheers splitting the airwaves. Ospreys are tough!
Nancy L 03/07/13 02:40 pm I remember Marie from Victoria, BC (are you lurking, Marie?) mentioned a nest on the light pole at a baseball field. Also here on Long Island, we've had nests on poles directly along the main highways with plenty of rush hour traffic. I don't think it bothers them at all.
FOB Webmaster 03/07/13 03:22 pm The one problem with those signs is at least one chick has been killed while trying to fledge off of them and around traffic. We heard the USFWS was talking with the MD Highway Administration to get platforms put up nearby to get the birds away from the traffic, but nothing has happened yet.
Pam 03/07/13 03:34 pm Marie is away right now, enjoying some sunshine ! When we visited with her she kindly took us to see the playing field Ospreys. We stood right at the base of their pole and I took some pictures. The pole was in the middle of several pitches, although no games were being played when we were there. Eventually they got a bit fed up with us and hinted we should leave, which we did. There was also a nest on a university building where lots of students played football etc. They don't seem bothered by human presence.
Celeste 03/07/13 06:55 pm In my experience, osprey who choose to nest in busy places, and in Florida, I'm amazed at the places they choose...parking lots of huge grocery stores, poles along busy streets, a nest across from an outdoor cafe complete with live music, etc.--anyways, they don't seem skittish at all and for the most part quite tolerant, however, I have also been close up and personal with nests that are in areas that are remote, and those osprey will still show tolerance, but seem quicker to make it quite clear that they want you to move on! Through necessity, osprey have learned to adapt to humans, but they will let you know when you have "overstayed" your visit and from my experience, some more than others! Can't wait to hear my first chirp of 2013!
Nancy L 03/08/13 09:05 pm Thanks, Pam, for the up-date. Hope you had a nice trip.
Pam 03/09/13 11:09 am Oh.....Nancy....the trip was a few years ago ! Sorry to mislead you. Just wish we could get there again - maybe next year...sigh !!

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