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Thread subject: News from the Carmans River
Name Date Message
terryo 03/10/13 02:02 pm I spent several hours today walking all over Wertheim. There was an osprey on the DPOF nest, sitting on nest perimeter not inside the nest. Glad to see that this nest and the other Carmans River osprey nets also made it thru Sandy, snow, wind etc. The Wertheim NWR folks put up a new nest w/cam. One cam is pointed towards the nest and the 2nd smaller cam is for security purposes I guess. I emailed them last week trying to find out when the cam will be turned on/ does it have sound etc. but I didn't receive a response, oh well. They have installed 2 new observation platforms with one of them not more than 75-100 yards from the new nest. I personally think it's too close to the water as its in the area where a lot of kayakers paddle. The nest is only about 20 yards from the water. We'll see. That's all the news thats fit to print
Nancy L 03/10/13 03:29 pm Thanks for the news Terry. Is the new nest & obvs platform on the same, west side?
Lori 03/10/13 04:10 pm Hey Terry, didn't happen to see any Bald eagles did you? Wertheim is supposed to have an active nest. Haven't been in the new visitor center, did you stop in?
Trishrg 03/10/13 06:45 pm Great news about the Osprey on the DPOF nest, and also about the new cams. Can't wait to hear what you find out regarding when!
Mickey 03/10/13 07:58 pm hello fellow nut cases. Terry, the leaning pole along the path was on the East side as one walked South. So where is the new platform and cam as one would leave the visitors center walking South on the trail?
Celeste 03/11/13 04:27 am Hi Mickey!!! Thanks terryo....I'd like to know the same thing "walking S. on the trail".

I'm also wondering if that cam would be just for the visitor center .
zorro89 03/11/13 08:20 am The new nest is on the "island" which is located between the new and the old Hqs buildings (NWR personnel did a controlled burn there a couple of times a few years ago). The nest/cam can be seen from the new observation platform that was built near the new hqs building. If one is kayaking southward as you go under the LIRR bridge directly in front of you you'll see what I call the island. At high tide you can go around either side of the island but at low tide you can only go around the island to the right side.I took pictures but I'm having trouble uploading them to Photobucket for whatever reason. Will continue trying to upload.
Nancy L 03/11/13 01:16 pm Gotcha. Thanks.

Hi Mickey, you nut case!
Kathy 03/11/13 01:32 pm Thanks Terry, happy to hear the Osprey's are back on the DPOF nest.
Hi Mickey, its be awhile!
Mickey 03/11/13 03:42 pm thanks zorro. For those of us that have been there, we know exactly where the Island is. The great news is that its close to see from the "mainland". For those of you that have never been let me help. From the platform to the Island is closer then from the barn to the DPOF nest. Yes people?
Celeste 03/12/13 08:23 am Absolutely right Mickey!
I'm also wondering if it's too close to kayaks, people for it to be an active nest.

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