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Thread subject: Carmans River & New Nest (maybe if it works)
Name Date Message
terryo 03/11/13 05:32 pm It's a good thing the Psych Center has been closed, I hate PB but love u guys lol

martyc35 03/11/13 05:51 pm Thank you, terryo. Great pics.
Kathy 03/11/13 06:03 pm What a handsome Osprey you are...;-) I'm in heaven seeing Betty, Liberty or Freedom. Great pics! Thanks Terry. Oh, how I miss "our" cam!
terryo 03/11/13 07:36 pm I just noticed photobucket put in a bunch of pixs I took last year, hence everything was nice and green and leafy.
Celeste 03/12/13 05:00 am So very much appreciated terryo!
zorro89 03/12/13 09:36 am terryo's true identity can be found at the last 2/3 pictures that he uploaded from photobucket. He's sort of like a feathery spiderman.
Pam 03/12/13 01:38 pm Really enjoyed looking at your photos....the last three are particularly good :-)) Looks a great place to visit.
Nancy L 03/12/13 04:39 pm Is that new walkway behind the new visitor's center? Looks good for Mickey.
zorro89 03/13/13 09:27 am Yep, it's Mickey compatible, as it should be.
Celeste 03/13/13 01:16 pm Hey terryo..that is one good looking osprey in the last 2/3 photos!:-)
Mickey 03/14/13 02:16 pm nice pix Terry. Pre-Sandy I dont recall any ob platform that wasnt wheel chair accessible. I bet this reserve took a major Sandy punch. Its a positive sign to see a new walkway though huh? On another note, that new platform with the solar cam sure is ugly looking isint it??? LOL
Mickey 03/14/13 02:19 pm Terry, did you notice if the new platform has a critter shield on the base of the pole?
terryo 03/14/13 05:40 pm I don't remember seeing a predator guard and I don't like where they put the nest, about 30-50 ft. from the water. They should have moved it farther inland in order to be away from people especially those who don't know doo-doo about osprey behavior etc. That area is like rush hour on weekends with paddleboarders and kayakers. and the nest is just to darn close to people activity. Nature will take its course as it always does. There are usually 2-3 ospreys hanging out of the limbs of dead trees near this new nest and I learned from reading the "bible" that ospreys are approachable as long as you don't head directly towards them, instead moving towards them as an angle which is what I do now. New subject: Wertheim NWR wouldn't dare build a non wheel chair accessible ramp, that's a big no no with the Federal government. One thing I did notice Mickey when I was at Wertheim on Saturday that gate that used to be the main entrance was closed and the only place to enter and to park was at the new Hqs building. Here's the bummer, the only way to go over to the old side (the White Oak Trail side) was to cross over the one lane bridge (built with those metal bars) and not handicap accessible if u asked me). I would bitch up a storm about this. The two new walkways/platforms are really first class jobs, it's just a matter of being able to get over the one lane bridge. I did see who I assume was one of the rangers that must have had a remote to open and close the metal entrance gates. I emailed these people 3 weeks ago about the new nest etc and they never answered. I also sent them a DVD of pixs I have taken over the years for a collage they were doing. They never acknowledged even receiving them. I realize they probably all sucked but at least they could have said hey we got your DVD. Oh well, poop in poop out lol. Takt care Mickey and good to hear from you.

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