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Thread subject: 5 osprey today
Name Date Message
Melanie 03/17/13 04:39 pm Took a drive today around the Bay Ridge bluff which overlooks the Chesapeake and Thomas Point light, sorely in need of an osprey fix. They did not disappoint.

The first sighting was on a cell tower long before we got down near the bluffs overlooking the Bay. While I couldn't ID field markings, I know there's a nest up there and the body shape was right enough that we felt comfortable calling it.

As we drove on, we passed what I have referred to in the past as the "yellow picket fence" nest because in an ongoing attempt to keep stray nesting material from shorting out the power supply to the nearby house, at one point someone ringed the platform with yellow PVC pipe to contain everything Seemed like a viable plan to me, but it seems the local power company have other ideas. Not only did they remove the platform, but they have installed some kind of metal bar above it which is no doubt intended to deter future nesting ambitions.

As we got further down into the community and came up onto the bluff that Chesapeake Bay Foundation sits, I could see that two other utility pole nests had been removed and the same metal bar (the best way to describe it is that it looked like a piece of RR rail) had been positioned above those two adjacent nests.

As we pulled out onto the bluff we had to look hard at every piling and platform and were rewarded finally with one lone osprey sitting on a well-established platform. Just sitting. Not reacting to anything, just sitting and waiting. Quietly.

We looped around and came back from the opposite direction and were rewarded with three more airborne osprey. The car windows rolled back down and sure enough there were lots of chirps going on. Not sure if the exchanges were about territory, showing off, or just generally asking how their vacations were, but it went on as long for a good 10 minutes. It's a ritzy neighborhood and posted for no stopping, so we didn't want to push our luck.

Trespassing, technically, but such a sweet trespass!
Pam 03/18/13 11:51 am Interesting...thanks Mel. I think it would be good if "they" would put up some alternative and suitable nest platforms when they bar the others off.
Celeste 03/20/13 04:55 pm You lucky girl you! Nothing here yet! Though I could be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Any day the lake should be stocked with trout, and traditionally that's when we start seeing "our" Osprey!

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