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Thread subject: Rutland Water
Name Date Message
Pam 03/18/13 11:53 am Today is 18th March and last year 5R returned to RW on the 19th !!! May be worth watching tomorrow. The white cone has been removed from the nest. The nest is looking really good, ready and are we :-))
Trishrg 03/18/13 01:08 pm Link please?
Pam 03/18/13 05:04 pm Trish:

I just read their news and it seems 03 returned yesterday. Pics of the nest in the snowstorm we had yesterday. Weather better today - snow soon melted.
Pam 03/19/13 06:37 am Female osprey on Manton Bay nest this morning:
Trishrg 03/20/13 09:08 am A-HA! I got it!! Thanks Pam. I tried a couple of times, but it must have been off when I tried!!!
Trishrg 03/21/13 08:24 am Osprey on the nest now with lucky post 10000
Pam 03/22/13 07:12 am "Lassie"......(.my name for Rutland's "The resident Manton Bay female" because she has no ring)....returned yesterday and ousted 09 from the nest. Return of Fiver (5R) is now awaited. I do so wish RW would give the birds NAMES....I really hate all those numbers..double numbers in fact...that they give the birds. By all means have the numbers but give them names too like the other Osprey websites do. It would be far less confusing!
Anne-UK1 03/22/13 05:48 pm From the brief bit of weather news I caught today, these poor birds must be wondering why they rushed to get back! Absolutely awful weather across most of the country to come over the next few days I gather.

Thanks for keeping us posted Pam.
Pam 03/25/13 11:01 am The Lyndon Centre is closed until further notice. They had 3 ft snowdrifts on the steep drive down to the Lyndon Centre and although they have now cleared the roadway it is icy. No sign of Fiver yet. Sincerely hope he is okay. Wish the weather would improve for both birds and humans.
Anne-UK1 03/25/13 05:55 pm If he's any sense, he won't venture any further north for at least another week.

I see from birdguides that an osprey has been seen at a local lake here for a day or two. I'd guess it's decided to stay put until conditions improve. Very sensible - it's bitterly cold here but at least it's dry, with no snow forecast as far as I know.

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