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Thread subject: question about log in
Name Date Message
Shelley 03/23/13 06:57 pm I have just started using Google Chrome as a browser and now I seem to have to sign in here every time I want to post. Is there a way to save my password. I can't remember having to do this when I was using IE
Anne-UK1 03/24/13 05:14 am My password's saved Shelley,but I can't remember quite how.

I've just worked it out. Open the tools menu (far right of your browser bar, either a picture of a wrench, or three horizontal lines one above the other).

Select "settings". Scroll down and click "show advanced settings". Scroll down to "Passwords and Forms" and then tick the box which offers to save passwords.

Welcome to Chrome. I think you'll prefer it to IE once you've got used to it :)
Shelley 03/24/13 07:00 am Thanks, Anne. Unfortunately, I got as far as the settings page. There is nothing further that indicates *show advanced settings* and from what I am seeing on the page I'm on, there is nothing that allows me to do anything about passwords. I guess I'll just call my computer guy again.

I had to switch because my yahoo account suddenly flipped to its new version (an *outlook* format, I'm told) and I can't get the old version back. The new version, when using Internet Explorer, makes my entire computer run extremely slowly, impossibly slowly. Chrome makes it run normally. I actually hate the new yahoo. Nothing there is intuitive (for me). And I'm trying hard to get used to Chrome. Among other things, it does not allow one to copy and paste a live link, which is something I am not happy about, either.And I've bumped myself right off the internet more times than I can tell you, because I am not used to the *tabs* at the top, and keep clicking the red *x* to close a window.

I'm not a fan of change for the sake of change, when it doesn't really make for improvements...
Melanie 03/24/13 03:28 pm If you look in the upper left hand corner near where you would enter the URL you should see three lines. Click on that and you will find your settings.
Shelley 03/24/13 04:19 pm That's what I did and I did get to my settings page. But from there I couldn't find any further place or indication to save passwords. No matter. In the grand scheme of things, if this is the biggest thing I have to worry about, I'm good! ;-)
Anne-UK1 03/24/13 05:12 pm When I click settings I get a list of categories: Sign in; On start up; Appearance; Search; Users; Default Browser.

Does that correspond with what you see Shelley?

The next thing on mine is Show advanced settings, which is in blue text.
Anne-UK1 03/24/13 05:31 pm I assume you're on a mac Shelley. There are quite a few tutorials out there which might help you become a happier user. I've looked at the first few minutes of one which seems as if it might be quite helpful if you want to check it out - here

Re your live links problem. I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I can't think of anything that I haven't been able to do on chrome that I used to do on IE. So in theory, you shouldn't have lost any capabilities either.
Shelley 03/24/13 05:45 pm Actually, I'm on a Dell (PC). I have no clue about Macs.

Oddly, my password is now saved, apparently. I shut down my computer completely whenever I leave the house, and at night. I always have to click my password (which appears automatically, which is what I meant by being saved) the first time I want to post here on the board. What had happened was, that since switching to Chrome, that saved password never did appear. However, I noticed that after posting my first message in this thread today, a very quick button appeared after I posted, asking me if I wanted DPOF to save my password. I wasn't fast enough to click it the first time I saw it then it was gone. I did shut down completely to go out and run some errands and when I came back on later, I watched for it and managed to click it and now I'm back where I want to be.
But I never did see the *save passwords* thing on the settings drop down menu or the setting page, itself. Oh well. I have a feeling that different computers have different screen appearances. Mine is an old computer and maybe that is why. I have Windows XP, if that means anything (which it doesn't, to me, lol!)
Thanks for your help, though, and taking the time!
Anne-UK1 03/24/13 06:21 pm Well I'm just glad it's sorted.

I'm on XP too. It means nothing to me either, though I did learn the other day that as from next year there will be no security updates any more as our system is so old it's pretty much defunct.

Bad news for you and me. Either be without security or pay out for a more modern computer. Some choice :(
Anne-UK1 03/24/13 06:38 pm Oh, one tip Shelley. If you accidentally close chrome by hitting that x on the top right, if you just re-open it again you should see a "recently closed" option at the bottom right of the page. Click on that and it will let you open any or all of the windows you last had open.

Can you explain what you mean by not being able to copy and paste live links? I might have a tip for that one too if (possibly ;) )

Shelley 03/24/13 07:14 pm Thanks, Anne. I tihnk it's just a matter of my getting used to the *tab at the top* thing. It will happen, eventually.

As for the live link. Let's say I wanted to send someone the link to this board. I would highlight the url (the whole link in the box at the top) or even just copy any website addy, then paste it into an email, for example. Once I hit *send*, the recipient should just be able to click on it in their email. You know a link is *live* when it's underlined and your cursor changes when you mouse over it; clicking on it should take you right to that site. What happens in Chrome, is that it never gets *live*, meaing although you've copied and pasted it directly, you will still have to copy and paste it again into your browser. Clicking on it does nothing because it isn't live. And I have just told you as much as I know, maybe more! LOL! The blind leading the blind here.

And yes, I think this is the year I may have to spring for a new computer. Mine is around 8 or so years old and my computer guru says it can't be updated any more. I'm impressed it's lasted me this long!
Anne-UK1 03/25/13 04:21 am Okay. I can send live links no problem. I can't think why it doesn't happen for you - maybe check to see you've definitely got http:// at the beginning of the url when you've pasted it into an email?

You will get the hang of chrome with practise I'm sure. I have to say I much prefer it to IE. I've been trying to find a modern version of the simple tutorial videos I looked at when I first switched over. If I ever do, I'll post a link on here. I found them very useful, but the processes have changed slightly since then so those original ones might be a bit confusing now.

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