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Thread subject: Tiger - for your records
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 03/27/13 04:33 am There are apparently three ospreys stopping over near me at the moment. One of them has been identified as White YA ringed at Glaslyn in 2007. Click on the 'News' tab on this link and read the entry from 26th March for info - Link
Tiger 03/27/13 06:54 am Yes Anne thank you. This caused huge excitement all over the web yesterday from Finland to California.

The night before we were debating it on Dyfi Facebook and reckoned that there not too many males around with a white Darvic ring on their right leg. So it was tremendous yesterday morning when we got it identified.

Amazingly we had been talking about him back in January as the RSPB in their magazine appeared to post a picture of him with a satellite transmitter. However since no Glaslyn bird has ever been tagged it was a great mystery. Then someone from Loch Garten pointed out that it was actually a transposed picture of Nethy (White AY). If you got the last RSPB magazine I think it is on page 79.

See yesterday's post on Dyfi Facebook

Such a fascinating story.
Anne-UK1 03/27/13 08:36 am Thanks Tiger. I guessed I might have been behind with the news, but hadn't got round to checking.

It will be interesting to see where this bird ends up this year. I didn't know it was a 'he'. I hope someone gets sight of the ring on the other osprey currently at Blagdon too. I fancy a trip out there, but I doubt I'll be able to make it before the trio move on.

Maybe this event will spur someone on to putting some nest platforms up in this part of the world. I live in hopes anyway!
Tiger 03/27/13 12:07 pm Had you seen this Link Anne?
Anne-UK1 03/27/13 06:32 pm No, that's a new one for me. Thanks Tiger - more to keep track of! I presume the pic is of YA?

I've only scrolled down the page very quickly to find the osprey news, but I noticed mention of waxwings which reminds me there's apparently been a large flock of them just a mile from me for the last couple of weeks. I only found out a day or two ago and haven't had time to go looking for them. Maybe I'll remember to check tomorrow - I don't think I've ever seen a waxwing and I gather they're quite impressive little birds so I'd like to spot them if I can. Knowing my luck they'll have moved on, but you never know.
Tiger 03/29/13 05:02 am Hi Anne this is turning out to be a sensational story because of the ochre ringed osprey at the same lake.

See discussion here
Anne-UK1 03/29/13 06:14 pm Thanks Tiger. A lot to follow there! I think I got the gist of it though - a shame it's not the bird you first thought, but it's still great that there are two positively id'd ospreys so close to me. Reading the Blagdon news page, it sounds as if YA had a very close call today - thank goodness so many people are out there watching.

I really hope the trio hang around for a few more days. I've promised myself a trip down there at some point - I need a break from family duties and I can't think of a better way to switch of and unwind for an hour or two.
Tiger 03/29/13 06:56 pm Anne. The story has moved on. White YA was nearly killed today. He was caught in a net but luckily was rescued. See Avon Birds
Tiger 03/29/13 08:12 pm Yet more on White YA
Anne-UK1 03/30/13 05:05 am Oh, thanks for that link Tiger. Poor old YA - all that travelling then caught under a net when so nearly home. I hate nets. I don't know much about Blagdon - why have nets there I wonder. I guess there's a good reason, but I hope they get rid of them!

It's going to be fascinating to see if YA is the male from Kielder. I can sense their excitement and share it. I'd still like him to find a nest platform around here though - there's plenty of ospreys up north already ;)
Tiger 03/30/13 06:39 am Hi Anne. See Blagdon Lake

Apparently they rear fish there. I guess that is why ospreys turn up.
Anne-UK1 03/30/13 07:10 am Thanks Tiger. Yes, I know it's well stocked with fish, but couldn't see why they'd need to net it. If I'd put my brain into gear I might have worked out they're protecting the little fish so they grow into big ones. Fairly logical really.

Anyhow, if we're going to be that popular around here with ospreys I hope someone finds a way of making that netting less of a hazard. Meantime, I hope people take notice of the requests to give the birds some space. It sounds as if YA's had a difficult migration and needs a few days to feed up and get his strength and fitness back. People need to stand back and watch from a distance.
Anne-UK1 03/31/13 04:39 pm I just read the Blagdon site news. YA got caught under the nets again today! The good news is she's plumper than she was the first time they rescued her, but I really hope she moves on soon.
Tiger 03/31/13 04:46 pm But the bad news is that is that she has changed sex! :) :) :)

White YA is a male as far as I know.

Anne-UK1 03/31/13 05:58 pm Oops. Blame me for that one. I'm easily confused!
Anne-UK1 04/01/13 05:34 am I see the problem with the nets for YA isn't quite as I'd imagined. They're not nets laid on top of the water, but suspended a few feet above the surface. Clearly he's found a way in and is getting easy pickings - they say he consumed a 2lb trout while they mobilised themselves to rescue him yesterday.

So not tangled, but it's not the best place for him to venture. I hope they find a way of stopping him, and others, getting in there. There might not always be someone on hand to show the way out.

Photos on the Guests Gallery, linked on the news page which is itself linked in my first post at the top of this thread.
Anne-UK1 04/02/13 06:01 am And he's been under those nets yet again! Plus interesting news of a fifth osprey fishing at this lake. I think this is pretty unusual - I've occasionally seen mention of the odd one passing through very briefly, but for there to be so many and all sticking around for several days is, I think, a remarkable event. Oh, if only a couple could decide this was a good part of the world to set up home!

I imagine you're keeping tabs on the the updates Tiger, but I'll add the following for my own interest if nothing else.

From yesterday's news page:-

Then, at 1710 hrs white 'YA' flew in to the Pumping Station grounds.... you can guess the rest. We released him from the nets again at around 1800 hrs, within a few minutes, but he didn't get the bonus of a free meal today. Blagdon ringer Warwick White came to the rescue.

Ian White sent me some pictures of the bird he saw this morning which clearly show a green ring and was likely to be the bird I photographed this afternoon. So, we had white 'YA' and a new bird that I'll update you about if the Scottish ringers can identify it.

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