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Thread subject: Is Lady Back Or Isn't She?
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/30/13 02:38 pm A fascinating afternoon at Loch of The Lowes. It appears that Lady has returned to claim her usual spot. Or has she?

See Blog of 30 March 2013
martyc35 03/30/13 03:19 pm Fascinating. The cam is sort of working, and I can see her (or somebody) sitting at the edge of the nest. Changes in her eye markings could be cataracts from old age. I know cats can get them, so why not birds, especially large birds of prey? I guess we wait for more observation before the rangers will be ready to confirm or deny. How exciting!
Anne-UK1 03/30/13 06:13 pm Oh my goodness! Surely not, and yet whoever it is is staying on the nest overnight. The Wildlife Village people seem pretty convinced it's her. It's the bird who lands second on the nest at the start of this clip.

What's your opinion Tiger?
Anne-UK1 03/30/13 06:35 pm Well it looks like it is her. I just read this comment on the Wildlife Village page - Wild Canvas is Peter Ferns who was the warden at LotL for many years and is talked of as "the man who knows her best". He writes:-

"Wildcanvas says:
March 30, 2013 at 22:28
I finally agree, When I first saw her on the nest earlier today I thought she looks like her,then I looked at low quality footage of her eyes and could see a likeness but still a difference in the pattern, The pictures Susan has put up are as sharp as you will get from a webcam, soon as I looked at them it was her and no doubt about that, I wish I could see her in HD to id her I do hope she manages to lay some healthy eggs and I am so glad I was wrong in my prediction that she would not be back. The season has finally started. Do we have a time she was first on the nest?"

Tiger 03/30/13 08:08 pm The first person to ID said so at 2.55 pm GMT

I made up my mind at 4.31 pm. See It is definitely her
Tiger 03/30/13 08:13 pm Anne. I think you should read the story from Here

martyc35 03/31/13 03:23 pm Wow. So glad they have confirmed that it is LadyMarge! Glad to know that Laddie is back, too.
Anne-UK1 03/31/13 04:44 pm It's great news isn't it Marty :) I feel sorry for the younger female who thought she'd found her nest site for the season. Apparently the same female who moved in briefly last year too before Marge returned to claim her territory. It's tough being a newbie. Maybe one day the nest will be vacant and she will take over, but for now I'm glad the old girl's back again.

I'm completely amazed though. I liken Marge to my Mum - two tough old girls who keep surprising us.

Melanie 03/31/13 04:48 pm That's just amazing!
Celeste 03/31/13 05:20 pm Unbelievably amazing!

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