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Thread subject: An entertaining video from Dyfi
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 04/09/13 05:41 pm I enjoyed this. I hope you all do too - Link
Trishrg 04/09/13 10:18 pm Loved it!!!
Celeste 04/10/13 05:51 am Absolutely loved it also!!!!! Thanks!
Shelley 04/10/13 06:51 am LOL!
martyc35 04/10/13 02:48 pm That really took me back to when we had the live cam with sound at DPOF. It is interesting to note that the watchers there are hearing some of these sounds for the first time. Wow. We were so lucky!
Matt 04/10/13 04:35 pm I think we were one of the first ones to have sound with streaming video.
Anne-UK1 04/10/13 04:58 pm The video I linked to originally is now the second one down on the facebook page - Monty dropping the fish.

Today's one, which I think is what you probably watched Marty, is very interesting. I'm sure we had discussions about those strange vocalisations from Betty in the good old days. I seem to recall a certain amount of puzzlement over noises which sounded more like duck than osprey? Maybe this is the answer Link
Shelley 04/10/13 07:12 pm That last link, Anne, won't let me in without being on (or signing up for) facebook, which I won't do. The first link, earlier this morning, I was able to see, no problem.
Tiger 04/11/13 01:58 am DPOF were the original streaming osprey webcam in the world. They had a cam, a night cam, sound and a forum the four ingredients needed to create ospreyitis which is an affliction which is now rampant in many places around the world.

I missed out on those early days of 2003 because no one told me about this wonderful development.

However for some reason I discovered this wonderful pioneering project somewhere around the end of May 2004 just as chick #4 was giving up the fight for life. There was high emotion on the board and people were predicting that maybe chick #3 would succumb too.

However there was this very boisterous chick on the nest who demanded to be fed first and woe betide anyone or anything who got in the way. This board had a lovely tradition that the viewers got the privilege of naming the chicks. This began on July 4 2003 when the original chicks were named Freedom and Liberty.

Now this chick I am talking about was name Chickzilla. I thought she was a bit of a monster but with the benefit of hindsight she was really just a little pussycat compared to some of the "monsters" I have seen since.

It is very sad that what began here in Brookhaven in 2003 has spread around the world but we can no longer follow the fortunes of Dennis and Betty.

Of course in 2006 there was the incredible saga of Flag. For those of us who knew and loved him he will never be forgotten. He probably would never have survived if it had not been for the fact that Betty decided to dump one of her eggs out of the nest.

I reflated this in a different place in a tale called The mystery of the missing egg

Maybe reading it might bring back some memories.

I wonder if Flag is still around. Something tells me that he might just be as he had an iron will to survive.

I have shown the video "My turn" to so many people and is probably still most people's favourite cam watching moment.

God memories
Anne-UK1 04/11/13 04:57 pm Shelley, you should be able to watch the video. I don't have a facebook account either and if it let you watch the first one they should all work. Maybe try again - it could just have been a temporary glitch.

A nice summary Tiger. It was you who first pointed me in the direction of this site. I think in 2005 though it's hard to believe it was that long ago so maybe it was more recent. It was the year of Brooke and Haven, and I only caught the last couple of weeks of that season's viewing. But that's all it took to turn me into an osprey addict.

It really is sad that we can no longer view the DPOF cam. I live in hopes that one day someone somewhere might find the resources to bring it back to life.
Anne-UK1 04/11/13 05:02 pm Shelley - try this link instead. You Tube
Tiger 04/11/13 08:21 pm Annuk Do you watch any osprey cam today?

I seem to have given a lot of people ospreyitis
Tiger 04/11/13 08:22 pm Oh one more thing. I think that everyone should try Facebook and Twitter. They are the tools of our age.
Anne-UK1 04/12/13 03:48 am Hi Tiger. I have to restrict myself to the uk cams. Time is the issue, as it is for all of us in this mad world. I depend largely on the blogs and this message board to keep me up to date with events, and then I just have a brief look around the key sites as and when I can.

The bonus with the dpof cam was the time difference. It meant I could watch daytime happenings late at night, which is when I make sure my time definitely is my own.

But I am very pleased you gave me ospreyitis, and one of these days I will indulge myself to my heart's content. I have this plan to buy a campervan and just take off around the country for a few months, touring all the UK sites. Maybe not for a few years yet, but one day!

Anne-UK1 04/12/13 03:51 am Facebook and twitter just don't appeal to me at all. And again it's a time issue. Even if I did want to use them, I couldn't justify it from that aspect.

So while I can see they have their uses, I don't have any inclination to get properly involved. Good on you that do though - it all helps people like me keep tabs on things :)
martyc35 04/12/13 02:28 pm Agreed about FB and #Twitter, Anne. It's the raiding of privacy that I don't like, and the time spent online doing very little of substance. My kids and grandkids are all on FB, and I watched the movie about Zuckerberg, but I have no desire to go there. I miss Flag and have lost the recording of his relentless chirping when my computer went down and I lost all my bookmarks. I will never forget that bird, though.
Anne-UK1 04/12/13 04:10 pm Marty I can help you out! By coincidence I found Flag's Fugue, as Cathleen termed it, just last night. It is here - Link

Taken from this thread from 2010.

Enjoy :)
martyc35 04/12/13 11:19 pm Thank You! I enjoy listening to that every so often, and now I have it bookmarked once again.
Tiger 04/14/13 02:45 am Love Flag's Fugue. I am not really an audio person so I do not notice sound the way the rest of you do. That was great though.

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