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Thread subject: Another Egg at Loch Garten
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/17/13 09:29 am Another egg at Loch Garten at around 1.50 pm BST (8.50 EST) What will Odin do?

Tiger 04/17/13 09:31 am See Loch Garten Summary
DaisyG 04/17/13 10:49 am I am a bit more hopeful this time but does Odin feel the same? :)
Once again. Watch this space.
DaisyG 04/17/13 11:29 am Changed my mind since Odin's recent performances. He has since shown the same aggressive/dominant behaviour similar to that before the egg kicking episodes. Sitting heavily on EJ's back and seemingly pushing her down onto the egg.
I could be wrong of course, but it is not looking good right now.
Tiger 04/17/13 12:34 pm Tension at Loch Garten. To kick or not to kick that is the question.
DaisyG 04/17/13 03:44 pm Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous adultery
Or to take arms against the alien eggs
And by opposing smash them?
martyc35 04/17/13 05:29 pm Love your channeling of Will, Daisy. If we ever wonder (again) whether birds can reason, we need only look at this history. Odin seems quite sure of what he is doing.
Tiger 04/18/13 01:16 am Great tension on the nest now that dawn has broken.
Anne-UK1 04/18/13 04:46 pm I see EJ's still incubating. But things aren't going well at LG from what I've read so far. I wonder if this egg is still viable, having been out in the cold for several hours.

It's a sad story, but fascinating all the same.
Anne-UK1 04/20/13 04:10 am I see she's laid a third egg this morning. Last chance saloon? I hope Odin accepts this one!
Tiger 04/20/13 04:49 am Might she lay a fourth?
Anne-UK1 04/20/13 06:13 am Well she might. It's an unusual year and maybe nature will compensate. You're the stats man Tiger. How often has she laid four in the past?

Tiger 04/20/13 06:32 am She did in 2004, 2005 and 2007

See Loch Garten Stats
Anne-UK1 04/20/13 08:54 am Thanks Tiger. When I've time I'll study the history of this nest more closely. A brief read through of those three seasons shows it to have been an eventful nest over the years.
Anne-UK1 04/23/13 05:15 pm Well now we have the answer to the fourth egg question. I presume she'll stop now ... Blog

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