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Thread subject: Osprey Heaven!
Name Date Message
Celeste 04/29/13 08:38 am Just returned from Sanibel Island, Florida where the music of the day is Osprey Chirping!
This year's photos were challenging as the unusual heat, (though there are always refreshing Gulf breezes on the Islands) brought unusual numbers of noseeum tiny mosquitoes that one can barely see, hence, "no see um" as the locals call them. I got close to 100 bites on my arms, legs, neck, under the eyes, and face with intolerable itching. My husband didn't get a bite, and as the days wore on I noticed people wearing cloth masks wrapped around their faces with only the slits of their eyes showing.
On Captiva Island, which is after Sanibel, osprey are literally filling the skies, with territory issues, fishing, and the sounds of chicks calling for fish. Some of my most memorable sightings were from the car driving and seeing osprey on the low posts of the bridge to Sanibel observing traffic, or 2 osprey on a very low dead tree stump observing the Gulf. Outside of my hotel was an osprey nest, and chirping was the sounds of each day.

In some of the photos you will notice a young tan and white egret I believe, who was greeting cars all day and walking as they slowly drove the drive. The person at the gate was telling this while I was trying to get this character out of the way of our car.

My favorite Ding Darling osprey nest had 2 chicks and one of them was flapping and had a lift right in front of me. I was very close to the pole btw...Osprey are pretty comfortable with humans. Though Ding Darling does close one day a week to give them a rest from US!

This year the Roseate Spoonbill who normally nests in Tampa late April, were still at Ding Darling and the closest to the shore for the first time for me to take photos. Love them! There is so much fish at Ding Darling they literally jump out above the water and flap right back into the water.
Some photos---
Celeste 04/29/13 08:43 am I am using Photo Bucket for the first time and see that they only "copy" the link from the's the slideshow link...(hopefully)
Sanibel 2013
Trishrg 04/29/13 10:11 am FANTASTIC album Celeste!!!
Your little egret is a Cattle Egret. What a beauty!
Do you think you got enough amazing shots of the Osprey???? LOL!
Love all the birds! What a great trip you had.
I gotta go see my brother some day.... he's been in FL almost 20 years and I've never visited. I might consider it now!!!
zorro89 04/29/13 04:04 pm Great pixs Celeste, tks for the posting. I especially liked the juvie with outstretched wings, they were all very nice photos, tks again. terryo
Nancy L 04/29/13 04:22 pm Beautiful shots, Celeste - great variety.
Lori 04/29/13 06:49 pm Great shots Celeste! Sorry you got eaten alive during the process. The pictures of the young ospreys flapping & spreading their wings kinda looks like they are looking down at you & thinking well....isn't she done taking pics?!? How many more times do I have to pose? :D
Celeste 04/29/13 08:21 pm I didn't even post ALL of the photos. I get so excited to see them so closely I keep clicking away----that's why those noseeum had such a great feast that all their relatives came to join them biting this crazy lady with a camera on her eyes, looking up and making it sooo convenient for them to bite me!:-)
Anne-UK1 04/30/13 03:42 am Superb photos Celeste. I particularly like the second one of the flamingoes where they look to have turned the water pink.

What a fantastic place to go. I don't think I could cope with those noseeums though - I wonder how it was your husband didn't get bitten.
Celeste 04/30/13 06:00 am Hi Anne, The pink birds are Roseate Spoonbills.
I seem to be a magnet for mosquitoes in general, even here at home, unfortunately. This is the first time ever I have gotten bites at Sanibel. The local said it was because of the sudden unseasonable hot weather.
Here are some professional photos of Spoonbills. They are usually pretty far out on the water to get a decent photo with the long distant lens I have, this year was a bit more closer, but someday.........:-)
Pam 04/30/13 04:06 pm Lovely clear pictures Celeste. I'm like you, I get very bitten and I have a huge allergic reaction so have to carry my anti-histimine with me everywhere. We went to Sanibel for a day visit with some friends from Palm Springs quite a few years ago but there were no midges then. We spent most of the time on the beach and I found some beautiful shells. I wasn't "into" birds at that time...just realizing what we missed :-) glad you had such a lovely time.
martyc35 04/30/13 04:22 pm Wow. A great slideshow, Celeste. Sorry you were so attacked, but glad you had a fine time. The juvie ospreys are captivating. Thanks for sharing.
Anne-UK1 04/30/13 05:57 pm Oh, spoonbills. Thanks Celeste. I confess, I just saw the pink and didn't look any closer. That colouring is quite stunning.

Melanie 05/02/13 03:40 pm Thought I heard the two of you driving over the Bay Bridge the other day!
cathleen 05/02/13 10:06 pm Ouch Itch Ouch. But so worth it for the rest of us! Thank you for the marvelous sights. I love the young osprey inspecting you while flapping his sibling on the head. Fun spoonbills...
Celeste 05/03/13 02:23 pm We were waving Melanie.....!!!!!!

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