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Thread subject: The Saga At Dyfi
Name Date Message
Tiger 05/01/13 10:41 am The saga at Dyfi just goes on and on.

It seems as if Seren has disappeared.

Looks as if Blue 12 is now in the driving seat.
Anne-UK1 05/01/13 04:52 pm It's better than tv, that's for sure.

And the good news is there was another male in the area today. Up until now all the visitors seem to be female. I think they put another nest platform up there last year? The signs are promising - just a shame they're having problems with the cameras.
Trishrg 05/01/13 07:45 pm I too have been seeing the updates from Dyfi on Facebook! Very exciting stuff going on! But where is Seren now??? Poor Monty must be confused, since it seemed they had started something!!!
Anne-UK1 05/02/13 04:06 am I've been wondering where Seren goes. Maybe there's a clue with this other male being sighted? When EJ goes missing from Loch Garten it seems she's off with another man, so maybe it's the same at Dyfi. I'd certainly like to think there are other nests in that area that we just haven't heard about.

As for Monty - it's such a shame that he's not found a loyal female yet. Yes, he must be confused - it goes from feast to famine in the blink of an eye. I hope things sort themselves out soon - the year's moving on pretty quickly now.
Tiger 05/02/13 04:52 am Monty did not listen to me. See Blue 12 and Monty

Notice the date.
Tiger 05/02/13 06:11 am Cameras are back.
cathleen 05/02/13 10:11 pm Brilliant post on RSPB Tiger. Thanks for the link.
Tiger 05/03/13 02:24 am Thank you Cathleen. That is my bid to win Mystic Meg 2013
Trishrg 05/03/13 01:00 pm Looks like Blue 12 might just take him up on that offer!!!
Tiger 05/03/13 01:32 pm Oh I think it is Monty that accepted in the end.
Anne-UK1 05/03/13 05:07 pm I've just followed your link Tiger. It took me a while to realise you'd linked within that to the info page from last year on Blue 12. I'm so glad you did, because I was struggling to remember her biography.

Just in case anyone else was as dim as me and didn't spot it, I'm adding a direct link to it here - Blue 12. Fascinating stuff, particularly the connections with Nora and Ceulan. It seems totally fitting that Blue 12 should be the new resident female on this nest, so I do hope she and Monty stay paired up.

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