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Thread subject: Stanley Returns to Hellgate and Shows his Displeasure
Name Date Message
Tiger 05/04/13 03:11 am Stanley the male osprey at Hellgate returned some hours ago and brought Iris a fish. When she flew away to eat it Stanley did a "Henry" and kicked the eggs out of the nest.

See Stanley kicks eggs out of the nest
Anne-UK1 05/04/13 04:42 am Another saga. It certainly seems to be the year for them. I guess the late spring is a lot to do with it.
Celeste 05/04/13 05:37 am Its getting hard to keep up with it all! :-)
Tiger 05/04/13 06:16 am No need to keep up. Just follow the bits you want to follow.
Trishrg 05/04/13 08:29 am I read a bit more about Hellgate, the next 2 nests down the river have Canada Geese nesting on the platforms, and the femaie from one of those nests was electrocuted a week ago. It may have been her mate that hooked up with Iris.

I like to come here to read what's going on. I can't watch the local news. Southern California is burning up, and that's ALL that's on the tele.
Nancy L 05/04/13 01:19 pm Thanks for that clip, Tiger!
Shelley 05/04/13 04:37 pm Ok, so at this moment, both osprey are on the nest. The male is chirping away, though the female is looking out of the nest. Who would he be calling (and why?) if both are right there. No eggs, sadly.

I like this nest and watched it a lot last year.
Anne-UK1 05/04/13 04:51 pm I tried to work out what's been going on by looking at the Hancock forum, but the thread is so long that didn't work really.

I know there was the one male who was presumably father of the eggs. Then another male was seen, but whether that was Stanley or the widowed male from the nest Celeste mentions, I couldn't quite work out.

I guess Stanley will hold onto the nest now. But I imagine there must be at least one more egg on the way that isn't his.

It's almost a carbon copy of what happened at LG just a couple of weeks ago. It makes you wonder how many other nests are going through the same thing this year.

So sad about the female who was electrocuted. Does that happen often?
Tiger 05/04/13 05:20 pm Anne. Here is the Hellgate Thread on Hancock

terryo 05/05/13 02:01 pm Tiger, was that you who posted as "Newbie" yesterday?
Tiger 05/05/13 04:35 pm terryo. Why do you think that. I have not been a member of Hancock since they changed the forum in 2009.
terryo 05/05/13 05:27 pm just a hunch Tiger, it's always nice to read what's going on from individuals who know. No offense intended.
Anne-UK1 05/06/13 05:21 pm That's the thread I tried reading the other day Tiger. I was sort of hoping someone else might have the time to look at it properly and help sort out exactly what's been happening there.

I've not been around for a couple of days. I'm hoping things are sorting themselves out on that nest now.
Tiger 05/10/13 06:48 am The egg laying has stopped for now. I wonder if Iris can be persuaded to lay new ones.

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