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Thread subject: Super blog from Dyfi
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 05/09/13 05:11 pm A quite moving read and the video is a must watch. Link
martyc35 05/09/13 07:10 pm That video is indeed worth watching. Great blog, thanks, Anne.
Shelley 05/09/13 08:33 pm Thanks, Anne. Amazing
Tiger 05/10/13 06:49 am It is certainly a great blog.
Celeste 05/11/13 05:59 am I found it very moving.
We are so fortunate to be able to witness the goings on in nests because of technology. None of this would be seen if it weren't for cams and dedicated observers. Thanks Anne.
Anne-UK1 05/11/13 05:08 pm I agree Celeste. It's so easy to take it all for granted, now there are so many cams. But just a few years ago we'd have known nothing of the goings on.

And it's not just the cams, but the banding that gives us so much information. Without all this it would just be nests with ospreys on - which would be fascinating enough - but to have such insight into where they come from and the various tie-ins is just amazing.

Technology has its down sides, but it also has many pluses. I think we're very lucky to live in this age.
TomG 05/20/13 01:49 am Do you think if they were ever to pass a law that prohibited the banding of Osprey just for the sake of human interest stories, would anything of value actually be lost?
Anne-UK1 05/20/13 05:22 pm I think here in the UK banding is valuable for now. Over there, where ospreys are so numerous perhaps it wouldn't matter so much, but while our osprey population is still relatively small I think being able to gather information on how the species is spreading out and colonising different areas it probably is a useful tool.

But I have to say in the grander scheme of things I'm not a big fan of banding. I hate the way small birds are caught in nets when I'm not sure exactly what useful information can be gained. I know some are caught again in later years, but I suspect the vast majority aren't. And how do you read a tiny ring without having that bird in your hand?

I also hate the wing tags that are used for larger birds. Apparently they don't cause the bird a problem, but surely they must impact in some way even if only very slightly.

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