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Thread subject: Has Anyone Ever Known an Osprey To Lay More Than Four Eggs in a clutch?
Name Date Message
Tiger 05/14/13 03:15 pm So has anyone ever knows an osprey to lay more than four eggs in a single clutch?
martyc35 05/14/13 06:01 pm Not in my memory, but tell us, did you find one?
Tiger 05/14/13 06:32 pm No I do not know of any such thing.

I have seen two clutches in one season.
Celeste 05/15/13 05:51 am Poole only did studies of 4 egg nests, and states "lay 2-4 eggs". And as Tiger states there can be 2 clutches in one season.

According to Poole, however, and it's very rare, though osprey are monogamous, there are rare instances of polygymy, particularly if there are nests close together.

Extremely rare, occasionally there can be a nest where 2 females might share the one male, and it is that nest 5 eggs can be seen. In 1937 a man named Brent recorded one clutch of 5 eggs and one brood of seven young. The theories as to why this might happen might be a shortage of food or nests, and it even suggests that in the very rare cases that the females may be sisters or daughters, and only where lack of food or nest sites is a real constraint.
Tiger 05/15/13 10:33 am Thank you Celeste I am glad to see a consultation of Poole is in order again.

Well the big news is that Iris has apparently laid a second egg but I am not sure she was seen in the act.
DaisyG 05/15/13 01:33 pm Well there was a slightly longer gap between eggs #3 and #4, 5 days instead of the usual 3. Could Iris have built up her reserves enough in that time to lay a viable second egg of a second clutch?

TomG 05/20/13 01:21 am On the subject of eggs, does anyone know what the average hatching rate is, for Osprey? In other words, for every 100 eggs laid, how many would typically result in a hatching, or isn't there any statistics on it? Thx in advance.
Tiger 05/21/13 08:13 am Very good question Tom but not one I have heard anyone ask before. Less that 100% that is for sure.

One could out a value from our stats site. See Nest statistics

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