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Thread subject: n the outside chance someone might be interested
Name Date Message
Nancy L 05/22/13 11:03 am Dennis Puleston's daughter, Jen, is selling a nice print of an osprey standing on a snag limb, painted by Dennis.

She states:

Dennis Puleston, Naturalist/Artist

P.O. Box 608

Brookhaven, N Y 11719

Limited Edition 900

Signed and Numbered

Image Size 13" x 10"

Print Size: 16" x 13 1/2"

Price: $35
Anne-UK1 05/22/13 04:58 pm Only $35? Wow. I would think there'll be a lot of people interested. Can we see a picture of it anywhere?
Nancy L 05/23/13 11:40 am I have a copy but don't know how to put it on the computer!
Lori 05/23/13 09:07 pm Nancy? If I wanted a copy, could I just send a note & check to Jen @ the PO box you wrote? Thanks
Nancy L 05/24/13 03:50 pm Yes. And if you have a clue how to post the card, let me know.
Anne-UK1 05/24/13 05:12 pm The only way I know is to take a photo of it, upload that to a photo hosting site and then paste the link on here.

Others are far more expert than me and may have a better idea or at least be able to explain it in plain language.

I'd love to see it if there's a way :)
Lori 05/24/13 05:52 pm K, Nancy! Do you have a scanner? You could also scan the print & post the link to the photo on this website. If it makes you feel better I can't do hyper links either :D
Celeste 05/24/13 07:05 pm Nancy, I have a vague memory of a painting in the room where the computer was in the barn. Am I dreaming that there was a framed print there?
Lori 05/25/13 10:29 am Celeste, yes there was a painting & I am thinking that is going to be the print. Least I am hoping so. :)
Nancy L 05/25/13 12:04 pm The limb goes out to the left. The osprey is facing to the right, with it's wings tight to its side.
Mickey 05/26/13 02:09 pm Hi Nancy. I`d just like to add my 2 cents in on this. This IS NOT directed at any specific person. If you scan it, someone can then print it.Perhaps with a professional printer. And then less $ might go to DPOF.
Nancy L 05/27/13 10:22 am That's a thought.
Lori 05/27/13 11:25 am my bad, sorry I never think that far in advance :(
Anne-UK1 05/27/13 04:41 pm It's a good point. I didn't realise the proceeds were going to the DPOF.
Celeste 05/27/13 06:59 pm That's it! Thanks Lori and Nancy.
Tim P 05/29/13 07:21 am Where was it mentioned the proceeds were going to DPOF ?
Mickey 05/29/13 05:19 pm It wasnt Tim.I used it as a example. I`d rather think the money was going to a cause then think it was to feed a crack habit lol

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