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Thread subject: Hello from Dave S
Name Date Message
DaveS 06/05/13 07:24 pm Hello all,

I check in once in a while to see who is posting and what is going on in the Osprey world. So nice to see so many familiar names! Glad to see you all are still sharing, Dennis would be proud, and so am I.


Dave S.
Tiger 06/05/13 08:05 pm Hi Dave. So nice to see you. Recently someone I know bought a book written by Dennis Puleston about 1936. They did not have to pay an outrageous sum and not only was the copy good it was signed by the man himself.

Yes the influence of Dennis Puleston has spread far and wide.
Trishrg 06/05/13 10:37 pm Hi Dave.
Still a wonderful place with some wonderful people! I've learned so much here, and am so glad we still have this to share our Osprey tales!
Celeste 06/06/13 04:54 am Wonderful to hear from you Dave. Unbelievable that this has been going on since 2003!!!! Hope all is well!
Kathy 06/06/13 10:27 am Hi Dave...glad to see you still "check in." I do too...this site has taught me much and I'm happy to have become a member of the Dennis Puleston Osprey family.
Nancy L 06/06/13 01:36 pm Good to hear from you Dave!

Tiger, the book is Dennis' account of his 6 year adventure at sea, called 'Blue Water Vagabond.' He left his hometown of Leigh, England with a friend in 1931, when he was 26 years of age. It is a wonderful account. It was republished in 2009.
Anne-UK1 06/06/13 04:30 pm I bought a copy of that book a couple of years ago and I agree Nancy, it really is a great read.

As for this message board - it's worth its weight in gold and I too am glad that so many still use it.
Pam 06/07/13 07:35 am Nice to "see" you Dave. I have been lurking but not posting recently. Cheapest copy of that book I coud find at the moment is £20 for a paperback. It seems very rare.
Anne-UK1 06/07/13 04:28 pm You're welcome to borrow mine if you like Pam. Do you still have my email address?
Mickey 06/08/13 03:28 pm Hi Dave nice to see you pop in for a howdy doo :) Have a nice Summer :)
Pam 06/08/13 06:24 pm That's very kind of you Anne-UK1. I will be in touch :-)
Anne-UK1 06/10/13 04:08 am I never get round to deleting my emails Pam. I've just looked back and see I still have your address so shall I post the book to you?

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