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Thread subject: Puleston Osprey nest wagonwheel nest
Name Date Message
Nancy L 06/19/13 07:36 pm I was there today and it looks like a lot of grass on the old DPOF nest. I feel sure nothing much happened there this Spring.
However, the Wagonwheel nest, that was vacant for so long, is producing a family this year. From the barn tower, the trees have grown so I couldn't see clearly, but there was definitely an osprey there. Maybe when Terry goes kayaking down there, he will get a better view.
Celeste 06/21/13 04:40 am After all these years, sorry to hear about the old nest. Good news is that the Wagon Wheel is "up and running". Now, wouldn't it be nice to know if they were "descendents" of the old nest, and wondering also if they are "first timers" at nesting.
Thanks Nancy, it's so nice to hear news about "our" nest!
zorro89 06/21/13 03:31 pm I can get a visual of the wagon wheel nest if I paddle up the Squassux canal where the boats enter/leave Squassux and enter the Carmans. I'll take a side trip on my next venture (waiting for my back to feel better). Have either of you heard anything about when the Wertheim NWR people are going to turn on their new osprey cam. It was supposed to go online mid-May. Maybe govt. money cutbacks has slowed it down.
Nancy L 06/22/13 10:36 am I was in the visitor's center & didn't think to ask. Sorry. Hope your back feels better soon. That's a good trip down to Squassux. When we go with the kids on the 4th, we have never even passed Indian landing.
Tiger 06/23/13 12:32 pm Sad to hear that the DPOF nest is no longer active. It was such a step forward for ospreys.
DaisyG 06/23/13 12:49 pm I too am so sad to hear the DPOF nest is not being used.
Very pleased that the wagonwheel nest is productive though and look forward to some pics.
Shelley 06/23/13 02:46 pm I wonder why it isn't being used. For so many years it was great. I wonder what happened to change that. Unless maybe the birds- (our original Betty(s) and Dennis(s) - have simply moved on and no new birds have found it. Some of those many unanswered (or unanswerable) questions

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