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Thread subject: Night cams
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/13/13 07:04 am Good morning. As I sit here eating my breakfast, I decided to check in on some cams. I always check Hellgate and then, Dunrovin.The Dunrovin nest has 3 chicks and they are well ahead of the 2 at Hellgate. The Dunrovin 3 are already flapping and quite big. But what I noticed today is -- maybe because it is at a farm out in the country, away from city light pollution -- the nest itself looks incredibly well-lit and the background is pitch black. I'm sure the nest itself isn't actually *lit* (that's the infra-red camera, right?) and the black sky is such a beautiful contrast to the wings and bodies of the chicks and mum. I tuned in as everyone except mum was still sleeping, then slowly they each woke up, stretched, *rocketed*, flapped etc. Mum has flown off and the 3 are now practice-flapping. Spectacular.

Hellgate and Dunrovin
Pam 07/13/13 08:04 am Shelley - your link does not work ...??
Shelley 07/13/13 09:35 am Hmm. I just tried it and it's working for me. It takes you to a page that then links to both Hellgate and Dunrovin. You have to click on each one there separately. Try it again and let me know. If it's still not working, I will try something else.
Melanie 07/13/13 03:44 pm Not for me - it looks to be an internal website error. I tried to go to it right from Heiko Langner's webpage and the link simply does not work which means something has been moved.
Shelley 07/13/13 07:43 pm Try this one. Any better? I wonder how come the other one worked for me, and still does. No matter, try this. If it does work, try tuning in in the early morning hours (EST) when you will see the effect of the night cam I was mentioning earlier. It's really great.


All 5 are on the nest at this moment (both parents and 3 large chicks!) and there is still lots of room. Can you imagine how massive that nest must be?!!
Melanie 07/14/13 11:17 am That one works. who know why? I think the internet uses voodoo...
Celeste 07/15/13 05:39 am I am watching early and I see what you mean Shelley...Looks like a painting...very striking...nice healthy looking nest!
Pam 07/18/13 05:31 am Just tried again and it works - with sound too !

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