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Thread subject: Dyfi Drama - Good reading!!
Name Date Message
Trishrg 08/23/13 07:46 am 20 August
Cerist Fedges
At 09:06 she flew off the nest and headed north - you can just about see her in the distance on the video flying away.
Problem is, we don't know where she is right now. Both parents are on the ash tree perch and Clarach on nest No 2.
Cerist fledged at 51 days old, exactly the same age as her sister. Update later.

20 August
16:00 Glesni and Clarach on the nest right now but still no sign of Cerist. She's been gone almost seven hours.
After fledging at 09:06 this morning we could see her fly around the Dyfi for around three minutes before we finally lost her.
She seemed to be a strong flier and ate this morning at 7am.
Let's hope she's not far away and makes it back before dusk. As soon as we see her we'll let you know.

21 August
Bore da - DAY 54
Still no sign of Cerist this morning - she's been gone for almost 24 hours now.
There are plenty of instances of ospreys fledging and not coming back to the nest for a long time. Glaslyn, Rutland, Loch of the Lowes, Bassenthwaite - all have had fledged ospreys with mixed results of returns over the years.
We can see no evidence that the parent birds know where she is or that they are feeding her. We remain optimistic however that she will return. Some birds have returned after three of four days having not been fed.

21 August
Sadly, still no news about Cerist.
It's 33 hours now since she took her maiden flight. All of us here feel desperate and helpless - just wish there was something we could do.
We've not given up hope yet though. Ospreys have returned to their nests before after several days of being 'missing'.
Here's Cerist fledging yesterday morning - let's hope she lands back in the nest sometime soon.

22 August
Bore da - DAY 55
Cerist is still not back.
We have organised a search party for her this morning. We start at 10:15 and will look everywhere we possibly can within a 1Km radius for her.
The terrain is extremely dense in parts and the chances are very slim of finding her, but there's a very long winter ahead if we never tried.

22 August
17 of us went on a search around the area this morning and at around 1pm we flushed an osprey from some dense vegetation on the reserve on the Dyfi River side.
The osprey flew up and onto the large mast on the Dyfi Junction rail platform. That osprey has now just landed on Monty's new nest and here is the worst photo we've ever taken of her.
But is also the best.

22 August
Cerist eating again
18:30 After three hours on Monty's shed, Cerist hopped down to the nest after Glesni returned with a flounder for her hungry daughter.
Here's the video we all thought this morning we would never see.
Anne-UK1 08/23/13 11:51 am Thanks for summarising all that Trish. I've been following it and have to say I wasn't sure there would be such a good outcome. It took me back to the time Dennis went missing from the DPOF nest - we all feared the worst then too, but it all turned out fine in the end.

I love ospreys, but they certainly know how to add to our stress levels at times!

Pam 08/24/13 06:54 pm This caused great excitement. Some members of this message board were there in Wales at the time and helped in the rescue efforts.
Trish and AnneUK are you in The Osprey Webcam Group? For anyone that likes to watch Ospreys the Dyfi cam is a must, the coverage is wonderful. Sad to think that the birds will all be gone again soon. To me it has all gone so quickly this year, no sooner hatched than flown !
Celeste 08/25/13 06:03 am It was exciting. I just want to know where does the time go?
Trishrg 08/25/13 08:13 am I've "liked" them on Facebook for a while.
I know I see Tiger post a lot and is very involved.
I would dare to guess he might have been there.

Since this nest got started so late this year, there may still be more drama to come. I hope the weather holds out for the fledglings migration.
Celeste 08/25/13 04:11 pm I also think the blogs are the best! A very devoted team!
Anne-UK1 08/25/13 04:59 pm Today's blog covers the events of the week in detail. I was particularly interested and very pleased to see they took advice from America. I know we have our own UK expert in Roy Dennis, but there's so much knowledge across the pond and I'm happy that our people can look and learn from that.


Pam - I'm not in the webcam group. I seem to have such limited time that I just can't allow myself to look at any discussion groups. That's why I'm so glad this message board is still running because it gives me the headlines at a glance and keeps me in touch with key events as they happen.

Trish - I saw a post from Tiger on Dyfi's facebook page and it seems he was indeed on the spot that day. He and Daisy too. I think Dyfi is special to both of them - probably even more so now.

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