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Thread subject: Arboertum in Great River, LI
Name Date Message
Nancy L 08/24/13 02:52 pm There are still plenty of osprey flying about calling from their nests. I would imagine most of the 'mamas' have left for the south by now. Dad's & young will continue practicing their flying & fishing.
Celeste 08/25/13 06:05 am Thanks Nancy...the days fly and I can't believe I haven't even been there this season! Was in Canada for a week and the osprey there are busy practicing. It's the time of the year when I think of how busy the skies are. :-)
Anne-UK1 08/25/13 05:10 pm Well, I don't know where the year's gone. But the good news is that the osprey which seems to stop off at a pond not too far from me every autumn has just arrived again. We're promised some more fine days this week, so I'm hoping to get down there before he sets off again.
Nancy L 08/26/13 01:08 pm We love those FINE DAYS, don't we? Let us know if you get to see the osprey there.
Anne-UK1 08/27/13 05:23 pm I'm hoping to get down there tomorrow. Apparently there are now two ospreys in temporary residence so fingers crossed they put in an appearance in the morning. If not, at least I've found some photos of them on a blog page - Link
Anne-UK1 08/28/13 05:42 pm I managed a flying visit this morning. The regular autumn visitor was 'at home' and caught a fish just as I arrived! I saw the first unsuccessful dive but missed the second more fruitful attempt, thanks to a few bushes obscuring my view. I did see lunch being enjoyed on the favoured dead tree though. That's two firsts for me :)

I'd share my photos, but with my little camera all there is to see really is a brown blob on a bare branch. I'm happy to have them for my records, but they're really not worth sharing lol.

Apparently the second bird turned up just after I'd left so it's still around, but I suspect being kept off this particular pond by the other one who's probably quite territorial having had it all to herself for so many years.
Pam 08/28/13 06:18 pm Shame about the photos - I would still like to see them. Glad you timed it right to see the Ospreys in action Anne :-))
Pam 08/28/13 06:21 pm Nancy...enjoy the Ospreys while they are still there. A lot have already left UK and tracking has once more begun for the Osprey fans.
Anne-UK1 08/29/13 05:04 am Okay Pam, I'll share just the one as they're all pretty much the same. She's on the right hand fork of the more distant dead tree. You may need to get your magnifying glass out! - Pic
Celeste 08/29/13 05:06 am Good for you Anne! Glad they were there for you!
Anne-UK1 08/29/13 05:14 am Thanks Celeste. The thing with this particular bird is that she tends to spend just about all her time sitting on that one tree. So even if we can only drop in for half an hour, we're still pretty much guaranteed to see her. Good value I reckon :)
Tiger 08/29/13 05:39 am Ah that is our Paul who is active on the Dyfi Osprey Group Facebook and the Osprey Webcam Group Facebook.
Pam 08/29/13 07:12 am It's a nice photo Anne, thank you :-) I did a control+ on it and could see the bird and fish quite clearly and now I can visualise the pond when you talk about it too. Looks to be loads of wildlife there.
Anne-UK1 08/29/13 04:53 pm I'm glad you could make it out. Your eyes are clearly better than mine!

I think I do it a disservice by calling it a pond. It's actually quite a large expanse of water, but it's so flat down there it's difficult to get a real perspective. No vantage points to get a proper overview of things. It's the Somerset levels - old peat workings and there are many areas of water scattered all around. If you look at the map you'll get an idea of the layout. (You may need to zoom out.) Noah's lake, which this osprey favours, is the large square 'pond' to the left. But there are plenty of other spots for fishing as you can see from all the blue shading on the map - Link

Yes, there's plenty of wildlife there too, though I confess I only had eyes for one thing ;) You can read more here if you're interested - Shapwick Heath

Tiger - not quite with you re Paul. But if he frequents the levels and has some photos of the visiting osprey I'd be glad of a link.
Tiger 08/29/13 05:06 pm Anne. Not surprising as I posted in the wrong place. It was the last post on Head Bobbing which I meant.
Nancy L 08/30/13 01:30 pm Anne - So glad you saw the osprey. They are all eating - getting strong for their up-coming flights.
Pam - I pass two nests on my way to & from my exercise class, & lately they're either empty, or eating a fish.
Anne-UK1 08/30/13 02:10 pm Someone posted this on the local bird forum today. I'd wondered about the missing feathers too, though I'd thought it was just the one and assumed it had been lost by damage of some sort. Has anyone got any thoughts? Difficult without seeing photos I know.

"I have been shown a couple of photos taken by James Gibbs of the tatty looking bird, they show both wings pretty clearly and it looks like the bird is undergoing a moult . I don't think I have ever noticed this before on an Osprey
I saw the bird on Wednesday but only at a distance and could see gaps in both wings. From Jim's pictures it also looks as though this bird has feathers of two different ages in the wings as some look to be darker (blacker) than other feathers (browner) adjacent. If this bird is moulting I am suprised as I thought they would not start dropping and replacing feathers until they arrived in their winter quarters. Hopefully Jim will put a post on showing a link to his site so that others who may be interested can have a look at the pictures!"
Anne-UK1 08/30/13 06:25 pm Well from what I've found via google, ospreys are continually moulting. It makes sense of course that they don't lose a whole lot of feathers all at once, but I'm surprised they don't need a full set for migration.
Anne-UK1 08/31/13 06:01 am Photos here - Link

Pam 09/02/13 06:23 pm Wonderful photos by James Gibbs. They certainly are big gaps in the wing spread of the Osprey.

Those photos of the Kingfisher are amazing as well.

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